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Theodolites equipment for Monitoring and Testing

  • GEM - Vector Magnetometers

    The dIdD Suspended Magnetometer for accurately measuring the changing Declination and Inclination of the Earth’s Field. In the past, magnetic observatories relied on a combination of Overhauser, fluxgate and theodolite instruments for obtaining measurements. GEM then introduced the dIdD (delta Inclination/delta Declination) system for high ...

    By GEM Systems, Inc. based in Markham, ONTARIO (CANADA). from GEM UAV Sensors and UAV Systems Product line

  • Pizzi - High Precision Optical Collimator

    The optical alignment collimator is an instrument produced by Pizzi Instruments and designed especially for monitoring movement at dam crests. The instrument, of notable optical-mechanical characteristics, with an objective lens of 80mm diameter and 60X magnification, allows optical alignment between two points considered fixed, this alignment ...

    By Pizzi Instruments S.r.l. based in Firenze, ITALY. from Collimation System Product line

  • PilotSonde - Wind Measurements Instruments

    Improve your wind measurements with the PilotSonde. This tiny GPS radiosonde without Temperature and Humidity sensors is the new advanced technology alternative to theodolite optical devices to perform Pilotsounding and developped by Meteomodem since 2013. No more troubles with ascent prediction and monitoring or even data quality, our reliable ...

    By Meteomodem based in Ury, FRANCE. from Radiosonde Product line

  • GYROMAT - Model 3000 - Geodetic Measuring Systems

    With a tradition of more than 50 years, DMT’s development and production of surveying gyros led to the fully automated GYROMAT 3000. Mounted with modern total stations or theodolites it is the fastest and most precise gyro system worldwide with references in most large scale tunnels. Wherever a tunnel driving has a precise target, GYROMAT ...

    By DMT GmbH based in Essen, GERMANY. from Geodetic Measuring Systems Product line

  • Reduct - Inspection Vehicle

    The delivery of high quality mapping and inspectioning services essentially requires the use of equipment developed to the highest standard that is operated by trained personnel. However, one characteristic not provided by the Reduct technology itself, or our training programs, is the method by which the technology is delivered to site. Since ...

    By Reduct NV based in Schelle, BELGIUM.

  • 400-8403 Pilot Balloon Theodolite

    The 400-8403 Double-Center Precision Theodolite meets the requirements of Military Specification ML-474 and is designed to observe and measure angles of elevation and azimuth of pilot balloons and aircraft at any distance up to 20,000 meters under conditions of reasonable visibility.

    By NovaLynx Corporation based in Grass Valley, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Upper Air Product line

  • Pawan Exports - Pilot/Ceiling Meteorological (Weather) Balloons

    Ceiling Balloons are usually used for applications such as determination of cloud base height. Ceiling type meteorological balloons are available in a red, black and white colour for easier optical tracking and sighting in various weather conditions. The ascent of these weather balloons is tracked using optical instruments such as a theodolite. ...

    By Pawan Exports based in Kasarwadi, INDIA. from Meteorological (Weather) Balloons Product line

  • Gouda-Geo - Piezometer Standpipes

    A piezometer standpipe is a tube with a perforated part, that is placed in the ground in order to determine the groundwater level (i.e. the freatic water table) or to monitor the quality and quantity of the groundwater. The perforated part of the piezometer standpipe is called the filter tube and is in general 1 or 2 meters long. The 'blind' or ...

    By Gouda Geo-Equipment BV based in Hillegom, NETHERLANDS. from Instrumentation Product line

  • GYROMAT - Model 5000 - Geodetic Measuring Systems

    The Most Accurate Precision-Surveying Gyroscope in the World. The GYROMAT instrument series is a range of high precision surveying gyroscopes with band suspension, which are the result of more than 60-year’s of experience in the development and manufacture of gyroscopic measuring instruments. The fully automatic measuring procedure and ...

    By DMT GmbH based in Essen, GERMANY. from Geodetic Measuring Systems Product line

  • TECOL - Model 1107 - Modular Surveying Instrument System

    Modular surveying instrument system suitable to perform almost every task in particular for training purposes at schools, technical colleges and universities. Telescope with erect image and telescope level (75”/2mm) to be plunged both ways. Magnification 20x, reticule with stadia lines 1:100, circle graduation lines black on white plexiglass ...

    By F. W. Breithaupt & Sohn GmbH & Co.KG based in Kassel, GERMANY. from Theodolites Product line

  • Model GSM-90 - Scalar Magnetometers for Observation

    Many magnetic observatories today rely on a combination of scalar, fluxgate and theodolite instruments for obtaining measurements. Research installations engaged in volcanology applications are also using scalar magnetometers for stationary work. GEM’s Overhauser GSM-90 EUROMAG is particularly suited to these applications (and volcanology). ...

    By GEM Systems, Inc. based in Markham, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Monitoring Product line

  • GAVEC - Model 05 - Robust Theodolite Fitted

    Easy to operate, robust theodolite fitted with telescope level. For laying out of any kind and for levelling, for the alignment of long lines and of construction elements, for location work in electric open line construction and if equipped with circular striding compass No. 803 TEBUS for precise orientation referred to magnetic North of ...

    By F. W. Breithaupt & Sohn GmbH & Co.KG based in Kassel, GERMANY. from Theodolites Product line

  • LIKON - Model 7060 - Spirit Level Testing Instrument

    Precision tilting base to determine the sensitvity and the precision of the level curvature in mounted and unmounted condition. Also complete instruments like theodolites, levels or gravimeters weighing up to 20 kg may be placed upon the 250 x 160 mm tiltable base and built-in levels or clinometers can be tested and calibrated. By means of 3 ...

    By F. W. Breithaupt & Sohn GmbH & Co.KG based in Kassel, GERMANY. from Testing Instruments Product line

  • JUSKO - Model 701176 - Adjusting Collimator

    The adjusting collimator is suitable for testing and adjusting geodetic instruments, especially for levels and theodolites. The adjusting collimator consists of the collimator telescope (focal length 600 mm, objective aperture 60 mm) and a robust V-block bracket of cast iron. Rigidly attached to the telescope barrel are two annular rings ground to ...

    By F. W. Breithaupt & Sohn GmbH & Co.KG based in Kassel, GERMANY. from Testing Instruments Product line

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