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Thermal Conductivity Monitoring services for Monitoring and Testing

  • PV-Tuning Services

    Even minor, undetected changes in the pv system quickly lead to performance deviations. These include permanent shade due to the growth of vegetation, cabling defects, transfer resistance, module defects, micro-cracks and visual changes. Problems in junction boxes, wiring harnesses and inverters expand the spectrum of defects.

    By ANTEC Solar GmbH based in Arnstadt, GERMANY.

  • Physical Property Testing Services

    Rely on General Plastics’ experience and dedicated testing facilities for certified material and physical property testing. We confirm physical property or performance characteristics for safety, strength and impact resistance, and many other qualities. Expect fast turnaround from receipt of your material or design specifications, even if we ...

    By General Plastics Manufacturing Co. based in Tacoma, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • Thermal Resistivity

    The thermal resistivity of soils can be measured in the field in trial pits or boreholes or under laboratory conditions.  The results provide data to determine the thermal insulating properties of a soil.  A F Howland Associates can collect and provide the raw data needed to derive cable ratings for underground cable routes.  ...

    By A F Howland Associates based in Norwich, UNITED KINGDOM. from Geotechnical Services Service line

  • Testing Services

    Systems and materials can be tested in our laboratories. More than 110 years of experience in the field of electrical insulating materials makes Von Roll a first choice for insulation systems.

    By Von Roll Holding AG based in Breitenbach, SWITZERLAND.

  • Grout Sample Testing Services

    Grout thermal conductivity is a critical design parameter in ground heat exchanger design. It has a significant impact on not only the length/depth of the bore but also in the subsequent system’s performance. Most geothermal heating/cooling projects are designed using a specific grout thermal conductivity value. It is then the ...

    By GeoPro, Inc. based in Elkton, SOUTH DAKOTA (USA).

  • Thermal Analysis Services

    Thermal analysis capabilities at NTS cover everything from simple conduction problems to full conjugate heat transfer incorporating conduction, convection and radiation. Our suite of analysis software includes CFDesign, FloTHERM, ANSYS mechanical and Pro|ENGINEER Advanced Mechanica. Analysis capabilities include full conjugate heat transfer in ...

    By National Technical Systems based in Calabasas, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Design Engineering Services Service line

  • Project Management Services

    A core differentiation of QIG is its Project Management team. We hire and train a staff of Project Mangers that excel in project management. They are technically knowledgeable and have a great amount of experience. QIG Project Mangers are continually trained, informed and evaluated to maintain our #1 position in the refractory industry.

    By Quantum International Group, Inc. (QIG) based in Richmond, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Analyses Services

    Airtech understands the complexity of environmental issues faced by a broad range of industries in maintaining and operating its facilities. As a full-service environmental consulting firm, Airtech is 100% involved in the analyses of stationary source air emissions.

    By Airtech Environmental Services Inc. based in Elk Grove Vlg, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • Thermal Conductivity Test Service

    Increasing interest in alternative sources of energy which include using the ground as a heat source has led to our recent research and development of laboratory based thermal cell technologies. A typical use for this has included clients wanting to calculate the thermal characteristics of building foundations for the installation of efficient ...

    By Environmental Scientifics Group based in Staffordshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Geotechnical Services Service line

  • Thermal Conductivity Tests

    GeoServ are equipped to conduct professional thermal conductivity measurements on a wide variety of materials. We utilise the steady state method with a custom engineered Divided Bar setup this is the most practical method for testing rock core samples in the laboratory. We also employ the transient heat method with the use of a thermal probe, ...

    By GeoServ based in Dublin , IRELAND.

  • Thermal Resistivity Measurement of Soil and Backfill Material

    Powertech provides field and laboratory testing services to measure the thermal resistivity of native soils or backfill materials required for underground transmission lines, oil and gas pipelines, radioactive waste disposal, and solar thermal storage facilities.

    By Powertech Labs, Inc. based in Surrey, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

  • SAM - Indium Target Bonding Service

    Indium is a soft metal with a low melting point and excellent thermal and electrical properties, which make it the preferred method for bonding sputtering targets. Indium bonding is one of the most efficient target bonding services at drawing heat away from the target. Indium is more malleable than other bonding solders. This reduces cracking that ...

    By Stanford Advanced Materials Corporation (SAM) based in Lake Forest, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • C-Therm - Thermal Conductivity Contract Testing Services

    C-Therm is the global leader in high-sensitivity thermal conductivity testing services. Learn more about what thermal conductivity is and how to measure it.

    By C-Therm Technologies Ltd. based in Fredericton, NEW BRUNSWICK (CANADA).

  • Gas & Moisture Analysis Services

    Systech Illinois can provide oxygen permeation and water vapour permeation testing services in our own laboratories, and can offer bespoke gas and moisture analysis equipment and solutions. Whatever your requirements, we will provide you with a professional service throughout the life of your gas analyzer or moisture analyzer.

    By Industrial Physics Product Integrity Limited based in Thame, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Soils and Materials Testing

    Geotechnology maintains a complete USACE Validated and AASHTO Certified QA/QC soil mechanics laboratory managed by a professional engineer with more than 15 years experience in soils and materials testing. The laboratory includes not only basic equipment for determining routine index properties, but also the advanced equipment necessary for ...

    By Geotechnology, Inc. based in St. Louis, MISSOURI (USA).

  • Thermtest - Thermal Conductivity Testing Services

    There are a number of possible options to measure thermal conductivity, each of them is suitable for a limited range of materials, depending on the thermal properties and temperature. Thermal conduction is the transfer of heat from one part of a body to another with which it is in contact. Thermal conductivity refers to the ability of a material ...

    By Thermtest Inc. based in Fredericton, NEW BRUNSWICK (CANADA).

  • Thermal Resource Assessment Services

    OGI is able to conduct a Thermal Response Test to demonstrate the sustainability of any heating system that takes heat from or adds heat to the ground. As buildings designed to utilise heat from the ground are becoming increasingly bigger relative to the landmass available, it is becoming essential to balance the annual heat abstraction from, and ...

    By OGI Groundwater Specialists Ltd based in Meadowfield, UNITED KINGDOM. from Ground Source Energy Service line

  • Building Materials Testing Services

    Advance Inspection & Testing Lab is a professionally managed Construction material Testing Laboratory in Delhi, India backed by team of highly qualified & experienced, scientific & technical professionals, testing & inspection engineers, Chemists in the field of Building & Road materials testing.

    By ADVANCE INSPECTION & TESTING LAB based in New Delhi, INDIA. from Testing Services Service line

  • Sigma Test & Research Centre - Refractory Materials Testing

    Refractory Testing,Creep Test, Permanent Linear Change, Pyrometric Cone Equivalent, Refractories Under Load, Abrasion Test, Air permeability Test, Petrographic analysis by Optical Microscopy, Acid Resistance Test, Thermal Conductivity, Particle Size, Water absorption, Apparent Porosity, Cold Crushing Strength, Bulk Density,Modulus of Rupture, ...

    By Sigma Test and Research Centre based in Delhi, INDIA. from Building Materialx Testing Service Service line

  • Resin Analysis Services

    At ResinTech, we’re dedicated to making water healthier to drink and safer to use. So it just makes sense that we would have the brightest scientists and most sensitive laboratory equipment in the world necessary to measure its composition and recommend solutions to help it work better for you.

    By ResinTech, Inc. based in West Berlin, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Laboratory Services Service line

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