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  • Collector Monitoring System
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    Collector Monitoring System

    By Brentwood Industries, Inc.

    The SmartGuard Collector Monitoring System for rectangular clarifiers identifies collector system overloads that cannot be detected by traditional shear pin or torque monitoring devices. SmartGuard’s strategic ...

  • Wireless Screw Pier Torque Monitoring System
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    Wireless Screw Pier Torque Monitoring System


    “A Quantum leap in Precise Torque and Angle Data Measurement”. State Of The Art WiFi and Wireless Technology. Highly Accurate Torque Monitoring Capabilities (+/-0.3%). Any Direction Angle & Depth ...

  • Digital Transducers
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    Digital Transducers

    By Sensor Technology Ltd

    TorqSense RWT410/420 torque sensors replace the RWT310/320 series and feature all new electronics that have produced significant performance gains in resolution, frequency response, reduced sensor current consumption ...

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  • GEDORE Torque Solutions GmbH

    GEDORE Torque Solutions GmbH

    LÖSOMAT launches a world first: The LÖSOMAT Cordless Torque Wrench up to 4.000Nm. LÖSOMAT surpasses itself with the new planetary gearing generation, ...

  • Velomat Messelektronik GmbH

    Velomat Messelektronik GmbH

    VELOMAT Messelektronik GmbH stands for experience and competence in the development and production of sensors and measuring electronics. The focus of ...