Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Monitoring

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Zero Discharge Project of Mine Water

    Zero Discharge Project of Mine Water

    Application: mine water Scale: 35 tons / hour in a single phase, two phases in total Process: DTRO high concentration When: Phase I 2016, Phase II 2017 INTRODUCTION Inner Mongolia Yitai Guanglian Coal Chemical Co., Ltd. Hongqinghe Coal Mine Water Advanced Treatment Project is a typical example of Jiarong Technology's industrial wastewater treatment and reduction. The high ...


  • Evolution of the TD-550 and TD-560 Oil in Water Analyzers

    Evolution of the TD-550 and TD-560 Oil in Water Analyzers

    In the 12 years since the TD-500D analyzer was first released, there have been significant improvements in LED and photodiode technologies. In 2016 Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments released the TD-120 Oil in Water Monitor for cooling water and ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Digital Dialysate Meters

    Digital Dialysate Meters

    Low Maintenance. EASY User Friendly Interface. Replaces up to 7 different instruments. Learn, Use and Train FAST on only one instrument for all water quality testing. FREE live technical support with little to no wait time. RELIABLE manufacturer of the original Dialysate Meter. Myron L Company has served hemodialysis professionals for over 40 years.

Upcoming Events

  • 1-day Hands-on Thermal Desorption (TD)

    1-day Hands-on Thermal Desorption (TD)

    This one day course begins with the theory of thermal desorption, types of samples that can be analysed using this technique, types of tube packing materials and how to collect samples. This knowledge is then used to create TD methods, collect and analyse samples and experiment with parameters to see the effects. This course will cover the thermal desorption of gas-phase and solid-phase samples.