Trace Elements Analysis

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  • Powerful Homogenization Mixer
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    Powerful Homogenization Mixer

    By BÜCHI Labortechnik AG

    The Mixer B-400 combines optimal homogenization efficiency with simple operation. It is an essential tool for sample preparation within your analysis process chain.

  • Trace Elements Chelates
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    Trace Elements Chelates

    By Pacific Biofert Limited

    Moana Chelates are a protected mineral with up to two amino acids attached to it - mimicking what happens naturally in the body.  The mineral is in a stable organic form which is recognised by the gut wall and plant ...

  • Solvent Dispensers
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    Solvent Dispensers

    By Poulten & Graf GmbH

    OPTIFIX SOLVENT is available - for dispensing solvents and viscous media. The glass plunger of the dispenser is ground into the clear glass cylinder to give a precise fit so that liquids with a viscosity of about 100 m ...

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  • Poulten & Graf GmbH

    Poulten & Graf GmbH

    Poulten & Graf located in Germany in Wertheim/Main and in England in Barking,London is an international enterprise for high-quality laboratory ...

  • Green Scientific

    Green Scientific

    Green Scientific is an Australia based company selling laboratory consumables. The director having over 22 years experience in Hollow Cathode lamps ...

  • Schaumann BioEnergy GmbH

    Schaumann BioEnergy GmbH

    Schaumann BioEnergy is a specialist in the generation of energy from biomass – from substrate preparation to fermenter biology. Our experts offer ...

  • Pacific Biofert Limited

    Pacific Biofert Limited

    Pacific Biofert products are manufacured at our factory in Pokeno. BioPhos, BioLime and BioMag are produced in carefully monitored conditions. ...

  • Mayo Healthcare

    Mayo Healthcare

    Mayo Healthcare is an Irish based Animal Nutrition and Healthcare company. We promote an innovative product range primarily focused on the ...