Traffic Emissions Monitoring

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Case-Study: Emission Monitoring in Tunnel Using Polludrone

    Case-Study: Emission Monitoring in Tunnel Using Polludrone

    With the massive influx of Pilgrims to Mecca every year, the Abdul Aziz Tunnel in Jeddah faces excessive pollution during the holy month of Ramadan. The authorities thus had to equip the tunnel with air monitoring devices to monitor the pollution level. Oizom stationed Polludrone throughout the tunnel to observe the vehicular emission. The analyzed data helped the authorities to identify the peak ...

  • Software and hardware solutions

    Sierra-CP can meet a wide range of testing requirements with its highly flexible, customized software and hardware solutions Thirty years of successfully meeting tough customer challenges has taught ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Nox Converter Tester

    Nox Converter Tester

    The Sonimix 2130 NOx converter tester has been designed to generate a stable NO2 concentration with a small reaction time. It is based on the sonic nozzles technology (ISO 6145-6 technology) and high stability pressure regulators. The NOx converter tester is often used together with a multi-steps gas divider also based on sonic nozzles and high precision pressure regulators. In order to validate ...