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Tunnel Monitoring equipment for Monitoring and Testing

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    Rotork - Rail Systems

    Rotork Instruments has been providing critical components and safety systems to the rail industry for over 20 years. They range from a simple manual system to an advanced full automated control system.

    By Rotork plc based in Bath, UNITED KINGDOM. from Rail Systems Product line

  • Inuktun - Model Versatrax 450™ - Tank and Tunnel Crawler (TTC)

    Designed specifically for hazardous environments, the Versatrax 450™ TTC is perfectly suited for a wide range of applications where remote handling and inspection are required. With the crawler, tether reel and system controller all integrated into Pelican® cases, the portable Versatrax 450™ TTC can be deployed in a matter of ...

    By Inuktun Europe Ltd. based in Scotland, UNITED KINGDOM. from Tank and Tunnel Crawler (TTC) Product line

  • ILLIOS - Illuminance Photometer

    The ILLIOS measures the level of illuminance within the tunnel bore to ensure interior illumination levels are being continuously maintained, in order to affect safe lighting conditions for drivers. Illuminance, or incident lighting, determines the amount of light that covers a specific surface or area within the tunnel.

    By Tunnel Sensors Limited based in Crowfield, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • VentaTex & VentaLene Series - Brattice/Curtains

    Conventional Weft-Insertion Knitted Scrim: Excellent for brattice and flexible ducting applications. Laminated PVC film substrate which results in a strong low-maintenance, fire resistant fabric.

    By ABC Industries Inc based in Winona Lake, INDIANA (USA). from Brattice/Curtains Product line

  • Lytzen - Tunnel Ovens

    Lytzen tunnel ovens are constructed according to the same principles of air distribution as the chamber ovens and are also used for all types of applications. Lytzen tunnel ovens are customized according to customer request.

    By LYTZEN A/S based in Soeborg, DENMARK.

  • AirStop & VentaTex - Model 3000 & 5000 Series - Fly Pads

    AirStop Series & VentaTex 3000 & 5000 Series: Allow for maximum visibility for crosscut travel. Excellent for directing air flow. Heavyweight material helps ensure curtains hang straight after vehicle passage.

    By ABC Industries Inc based in Winona Lake, INDIANA (USA). from Fly Pads Product line

  • AutoVent - Vent Genie

    The VentGenie uses temperature, humidity, wind direction and wind speed to intelligently control curtains, baffles, garage doors, overhead fans and tunnel fans, plus complete sprinkler systems. By using current weather conditions, the VentGenie selects Tunnel Ventilation mode for warm, still days, while selecting Natural Ventilation mode on days ...

    By AutoVent LLC based in Oley, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • Wall Ventilators

    There are several models used for ventilation in the piggery: Roof ventilation, cross ventilation, cross combined ventilation, roof diffusive ventilation, combination of roof diffusive and tunnel ventilations, combination of cross and tunnel ventilations.

    By Variant Factory Ltd. based in Kharkov, UKRAINE. from Wall Ventilators Product line

  • Herco - Air Coolers

    Air coolers are used in conjunction with water-cooled chillers. Air coolers are smaller than air-cooling machines and easier to install and maintain.

    By Herco Kühltechnik based in Wesel, GERMANY. from Air Coolers Product line

  • LUMIOS - Model MkIII - Tunnel Luminance Photometer

    The LUMIOS MkIII measures the level of luminance, or brightness, created by natural light at the tunnel portals to ensure that the visual perception of drivers is maintained, both day and night, by avoiding sudden variations in lighting levels and potential “black hole effect” when entering and exiting a tunnel. The LUMIOS MkIII can ...

    By Tunnel Sensors Limited based in Crowfield, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Agrotel - Tunnel Hall

    AGROTEL tunnel halls are available in steel pipe or beam versions. Our textile tunnel halls offer a cost-effective alternative to conventional halls. Whether employed as a storage hall, machine hall, exposition hall or as roofing - the versatility of AGROTEL tunnel halls is designed to suit every application. AGROTEL tunnel halls do not require ...

    By Agrotel GmbH based in Neuhaus am Inn, GERMANY. from Tunnel Hall Product line

  • Black Line - Model BT - Tunnel Inlet System

    BT stands for Black line Tunnel, a tunnel inlet made of PU-foam. De BT-01 has a flange of 40 mm around. Leaving upper or bottom flanges aside, the inlets can be mounted on top of each other. Synchronisation of the inlets is easy with the fine tune screw. The BT series can be self opening or self closing. The self closing version has the big ...

    By Tulderhof Ventilation BV based in Eindhoven, NETHERLANDS. from Tunnel Inlet System Product line

  • Novicom - Model 4 - Tunnel Monitor

    The NOVICOM-4 tunnel monitor uses proven IR spectroscopy techniques to determine the level of carbon monoxide (CO) and nitric oxide (NO) in tunnels. Total oxides of nitrogen (NOx) can be inferred, or calculated, from the NO measurement so the NOVICOM-4 can also  present a NOx/NO2 reading*. The measurement range is 0-300ppm, which can be user ...

    By EMACCS Ltd based in Aylesford, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Tavsan - Model TVS -1400 - Tunnel Ventilation Fans

    It is an exhaust fan with high air flow capacity used for tunnel and transition ventilation. It offers the needed air speed to ventilate and cool the house. Preferred with it’s low maintenance need and long life.

    By Tavsan Poultry Equipment Manufacturing Co. based in Atasehir, TURKEY. from Tunnel Ventilation Fans Product line

  • Berg - Model ASSY 48B - Wall Box Fan

    Heavy galvanized steel square wall box. Includes shutters w/galvanized frame and aluminum louvers. Welded wire mesh inlet and side outlet guards. High efficiency. Use for tunnel ventilation exhaust.

    By Berg Equipment Corporation based in Marshfield, WISCONSIN (USA). from Wall Box Fan Product line

  • Tunnel Lift Bags by Smartlift Bulk Packaging

    Tunnel lift Bulk Bags are becoming more and more popular not only in the building trade but in many other industries as well. This labour saving product has been recognised not only by our clients who handle the bags, but also various health and safety offices around the UK.Specification

    By Smartlift Bulk Packaging Ltd based in King`s Lynn, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Wall Fans

    Wall fans are ideal as additional capacity for large houses, or where large air volumes are required. When the air requirement exceeds a certain level, one or more of the wall fans can be activated to supplement the chimneys. Alternatively, all air can be let out via wall fans. Wall fans are often installed in Combi-Tunnel and Tunnel-ventilated ...

    By Skov A/S based in Glyngøre, DENMARK. from Wall Fans Product line

  • Rota - Filling Machine

    Low energy consumption … Sterility of containers and closures is the essential criteria for filling of solution for injection. Consequently our highlevel technology approach is to achieve the necessary high temperatures at constant level by using the principle of heated air flow. The continuous depyrogenation is guaranteed by re-circulated ...

    By Rota Verpackungstechnik GmbH & Co.KG based in Wehr, GERMANY.

  • ENOX - Electrochemical Nitrogen Dioxide Tunnel Monitor

    The ENOX tunnel monitor measures the concentration of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) within an ambient environment such as road, rail, meterological or other industrial application. These measurements can be used as part of an air quality management system for ventilation control within a traffic tunnel or other confined space.

    By Tunnel Sensors Limited based in Crowfield, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • ECOM - Electrochemical CO Tunnel Monitor

    The ECOM tunnel monitor measures the concentration of carbon monoxide (CO) within an ambient environment such as road, rail, meteorological or other industrial application. These measurements can be used as part of an air quality management system for ventilation control and/or secondary smoke detection within a traffic tunnel or other confined ...

    By Tunnel Sensors Limited based in Crowfield, UNITED KINGDOM.

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