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  • Changing the Rules with Mass Detection

    Changing the Rules with Mass Detection

    How simplified detectors can provide mass data for every analytical run and speed up method developmentWith access to multiple mass spectrometry systems of varying degrees of sophistication, Davy Guillarme (University of Geneva, Switzerland) wasn’t actively looking for new mass detection solutions. Nevertheless, the Waters ACQUITY QDa mass detector caught his eye.Why? Because it opens a new


Equipment & Solutions

  • Ascentis Express HPLC Columns

    Ascentis Express HPLC Columns

    Ascentis® Express provides the high speed and high efficiency of sub-2 μm particles, but at approximately half the backpressure for the same column length. This lower pressure means that Ascentis Express can be run on conventional HPLC and LC-MS systems, as well as mid-pressure or ultra-high pressure (UHPLC) systems. Lower pressure also means longer columns can be used for additional resolving ...

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  • 5-day Complete HPLC & LC-MS

    5-day Complete HPLC & LC-MS

    The 5-day Complete HPLC & LC-MS course is built from the 3-day Practical Essentials of HPLC & LC-MS and the 2-day HPLC & LC-MS Clinic courses to provide a complete training solution enabling you to understand your Liquid Chromatograph or LC-MS instrument, application method development, troubleshooting & maintenance. This course covers all the practical theory you need to know ...