Ultra Fine Particles (UFP) Monitoring

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  • Ultrafine Particle Monitor
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    Ultrafine Particle Monitor

    By Teledyne API

    Ultrafine particle (those less than 100nm, or 0.1µm in size) are produced through combustion activities and are persistent in all ambient air. Concentrations of these tiny particle can be very high near emissions ...

  • UFP Monitoring System
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    UFP Monitoring System

    By Oxility BV

    Based on the proven Philips’ NanoTracer, the NanoTracer XP (eXtended Performance) is delivering more features in the same portable package:

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  • Oxility BV

    Oxility BV

    Oxility was founded 2014 as the Technology licences partner of Royal Philips Electronics. Our mission is the development, service, manufacturing and ...