Ultrasonic Level Monitoring

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Understanding NDT of Carbon Fiber

    Carbon fiber has become an important material in the aerospace industry in recent years. It provides flexible and durable properties for civilian and military aircraft, but it’s susceptible to hidden cracks that stem from manufacturing defects or heavy stress. Luckily, advanced NDT techniques such as ultrasonic testing of carbon fiber allow analysts to detect internal cracking and other ...


  • Senix Approaches 30TH Anniversary

    Senix Approaches 30TH Anniversary

    Senix Corporation, manufacturer of ToughSonic ultrasonic level and distance sensors, today announced the launch of a new website, https://www.senix.com, expanding the product and information capabilities it delivers. This new site is ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Raked Bar Screen

    Raked Bar Screen

    The Raked Bar Screen is an efficient, reliable and cost-effective screening system for large combined sewer overflows (CSOs). It incorporates a horizontal fixed stainless steel bar-rack and a TIVAR* screen comb. The bars are continually raked by the hydraulically driven comb assembly. Maintenance of the Raked Bar Screen is minimal, and can be performed from the top/clean water side of the screen.