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Utility Leak Detection equipment for Monitoring and Testing

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    Ceiling Guard - Model SS-2000 - Floor Water Leak Detector Alert

    SS-2000 Water Alert Detector. Unit shall be used as a floor detector when a CGM monitor is used. Unit shall provide audible alarm and signal the CGM monitor of any water leakage sensed. Unit shall be powered from the CGM monitor. 3 conductor wiring required ( Dorlen type 'D'). All installation / operation manuals and warranty to be included with ...

    By Dorlen Products Inc. based in Milwaukee, WISCONSIN (USA). from Floor Water Leak Detector Alert Product line

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    ACME - Model QD-REF Series - Quadset Refrigerant Gas Monitor

    The Acme Quadset Refrigerant Gas Monitor is designed to detect refrigerant leaks in enclosed areas. The Monitor utilizes a sophisticated NDIR sensor specific to any one of the commercially available refrigerants. It can monitor over a range of 0-1000ppm with a resolution threshold as low as 1ppm. The Quadset can monitor up to four locations in one ...

    By Acme Engineering Prod. Ltd. based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Quadset Refrigerant Gas Monitor Product line

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    Ceiling Guard - Model CSS-2000 - Water Alert Detector

    Water Alert Detector. Unit shall be used to terminate Ceiling Guard zones when a CGM monitor is used. Unit shall provide audible alarm and signal the CGM monitor if any sensing tray in the zone has water on it or is disconnected. Unit shall be powered from the CGM monitor. 5 conductor wiring required ( Dorlen type “E”). All ...

    By Dorlen Products Inc. based in Milwaukee, WISCONSIN (USA). from Water Alert Detector Product line

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    Centra-Guard - Double Containment Electronic Low Point Leak Detection System

    IPEX double containment systems can be equipped with our patented Centra-Guard leak detection, providing an advanced, fully-automated, reliable, cost-effective solution that offers the ultimate protection against environmental damage and the high cost of cleanup, not to mention lost production.

    By IPEX, Inc. based in Verdun, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Double Containment Electronic Low Point Leak Detection System Product line

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    Model Series 2100 - Remote Monitored System

    The Series 2100 is an early warning leak detection system utilizing the latest line of Dorlen Products remote monitors and compatible OA-2100 Oil Alert detectors. All Series 2100 Monitors Monitor and Power the connected OA-2100 Oil Alerts.

    By Dorlen Products Inc. based in Milwaukee, WISCONSIN (USA). from Remote Monitored System Product line

  • Ditch Witch - Model FX25 - Vacuum Excavator

    The Ditch Witch FX25 vacuum excavation system provides contractors an economical solution for a wide range of cleanup and excavation tasks. This low-maintenance, low-profile unit can operate in tight jobsites, cleaning up spills and unwanted fluids with exceptional suction power. The FX25 also offers a wide range of options, including a ...

    By Ditch Witch based in Perry, OKLAHOMA (USA). from Vacuum Excavator Product line

  • Utility Water Leak Detection Technologies

    Using technology that is used to look for water on other planets, Utilis analyzes satellite imagery to detect leaks and non-revenue-water. The result? Images that cover 3.500 square kilometers at once. The leaks are displayed in user friendly GIS reports including street locations, with great accuracy, saving significant labor associated with ...

    By Utilis based in Park Afeq Rosh Ha’ayin, ISRAEL.

  • EchoShore-M - Transmission Main Leak Detection

    The EchoShore-M system combines the latest generation of acoustic sensors with proven wireless communication networks in a node configuration that can be easily moved to multiple sites in your transmission main network – to search for leaks or validate acoustic POI signals. The EchoShore-M system enables utilities to quickly pinpoint leaks ...

    By Echologics Engineering Inc. - a division of Mueller Canada Ltd. based in Mississauga, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • SSI - Model LD-12 - Water Leak Detector

    The LD-12 water leak detector is a very easy-to-use detector, featuring six filters that allow the unit to screen outside noise and zero in on water leaks. The LD-12 is a must for every water utility as it's the professional’s water leak detector.

    By SubSurface Instruments Inc. based in De Pere, WISCONSIN (USA). from Water Leak Detector Product line

  • PDC - High Pressure Process Gas Compressors

    PDC Machines has been manufacturing industrial high pressure gas compressors since 1977. With decades of experience in diaphragm compressor technology, we have partnered with companies and government agencies worldwide to provide them with the optimum solution to satisfy their gas compression needs. We have developed an extensive line of basic ...

    By PDC Machines Inc. based in Warminster, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • Non-Destructive Leak Testers

    WILCO provides non-destructive leak testers utilizing a pressure decay sensor which precisely monitors the atmosphere surrounding a container within our test chambers. A gas transfer through a leak in the container creates either a pressure increase or decrease in the corresponding test chamber.

    By Wilco AG based in Wohlen, SWITZERLAND. from Non-Destructive Leak Testers Product line

  • Hedland - MR Flow Transmitter

    MR Flow Transmitter: Operate as part of a totally integrated electronic process control/data acquisition system. Digital flow rate and total flow indication. Proportional analog outputs for electronic integration. Non-contact sensor electronics. In-field compensation for specific gravity and viscosity. Flow ranges: 0.1 - 1.0 GPM (0.5 - 3.75 LPM) ...

    By Badger Meter, Inc. based in Milwaukee, WISCONSIN (USA). from MR Flow Transmitter Product line

  • iQuarius - Leak Detection Smartphone

    Extend your expertise with smartphone-based leak detection sensors and technology. The traditional approach to water leak surveys, based on age of piping and suspected NRW losses, is expensive and inefficient.

    By Aquarius Spectrum based in Netanya, ISRAEL.

  • Roof Repair Services

    Roof leaks may be unpredictable, however our dedicated team of Roof Repair Specialists, is not. You can count on them for a quick response to all your repair needs. Whether it is routine maintenance or an unexpected emergency, our highly trained technicians will provide you with prompt, courteous and professional service utilizing the very best in ...

    By Superior Services RSH Inc. based in Lansing, MICHIGAN (USA).

  • Model WAT 03 - Major - BREEAM Water Leak Detection Systems

    Our new i-Zone Touch control panel will allow users to meet the BREEAM WAT 03 criteria shown below.

    By J.A.M Limited based in Rayleigh, UNITED KINGDOM. from BREEAM Water Leak Detection Systems Product line

  • Easyloc - Model RxTx - Utility Location System

    Utility location system to detect and trace cable runs and pipe networks. The Easyloc is fast and simple to operate, with features designed to avoid potentially dangerous power cables and other services as efficiently as possible. Easyloc is suitable for water, rail, gas, power, highways and telecommunication utilities and contractors and anyone ...

    By Megger based in Dallas, TEXAS (USA). from Utility Location System Product line

  • Air Condition Components

    Nolek has extensive experience constructing systems to leak test a wide variety of different parts and products within the air conditioning industry. We are the preferred supplier of leak testing equipment to Danfoss, one of the leading suppliers of air condition components in the world. This has helped us accrue vast knowledge within the ...

    By Nolek AB based in Norsborg, SWEDEN. from Air Condition Components Product line

  • CustomizeIT - Integrated Leak Test Systems

    Since 1973 Nolek has specialized in custom built leak testing systems for various industries. Using the latest 3D CAD software, our designers design customized fixtures for manual or automatic sealing of test pieces. We also supply leak testing systems with integrated function control. Nolek has developed system control software, available in ...

    By Nolek AB based in Norsborg, SWEDEN. from Integrated Leak Test Systems Product line

  • Permalog+ - Leak Noise Loggers

    Permalog+ Leak Noise Loggers, used in conjunction with a MOSAIC Mesh Network or ROADRUNNER Mobile & Handheld data collection platforms, are today’s most powerful tool to protect precious resources and guard against costly and damaging water leaks.

    By Datamatic LTD based in Plano, TEXAS (USA). from Leak Noise Loggers Product line

  • Ferrolux - Model FL 10 - Cable Fault Pinpointer System

    The Ferrolux location system is the solution for your day-to-day tasks. You can use the system to quickly and easily find cable faults. You can locate lines just as quickly, measure how deep they are and save data in the memory. The route sensor for location tasks weighs less than 1 kg, which means you can use it for lengthy periods without ...

    By Megger based in Dallas, TEXAS (USA). from Cable Fault Pinpointer System Product line

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