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  • Meter Ring
    Showcase Product

    Meter Ring

    By Highfield Manufacturing Company

     The one-piece SSV Meter Rings from Highfield have been engineered for ease of installation and maximum protection against tampering attempts on ring style meter sockets. As is the case with the Highfield family of ...

  • Plastic Pit Setters
    Showcase Product

    Plastic Pit Setters

    By The Ford Meter Box Company,Inc.

    The setting of meters outdoors in covered pits is an idea that dates back to the late 19th century when Edwin Ford, founder of The Ford Meter Box Company, Inc., first utilized this principle to meter the town of ...

  • Hot/Cold Water Multi Jet
    Showcase Product

    Hot/Cold Water Multi Jet

    By Invisible Systems Ltd

    Mod. CMDX Multijet, dry dial, direct reading. Produced in the cold water version (300 c) in the diameters is t° SO mm (1/2`-2`). Risks of corrosion and sedimentation are excluded. Antimagnetic insert upon request ...

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  • Automatic Controls Company

    Automatic Controls Company is a manufacturer's representative agency and distributorship in the Ohio Valley. Since that's quite a mouthful, you can ...

  • Urban Meters & Readers, Inc.

    The principals of Urban Meters & Readers, Inc bring over 45 years combined experience from the construction, acquisition and real estate development ...

  • NextCentury Submetering Systems

    NextCentury Submetering Systems

    NextCentury feels it is finally time to bring sub-metering into the next century. Metering equipment and systems should work efficiently for you ...