Viscosity Monitoring

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  • CMC Usages in Food Industry

    CMC Usages in Food Industry

    CMC uses 1. CMC Applications in Fermented Yoghurt 1.1. Main Raw Materials of Fermented Yoghurt Fresh milk or milk powder, sucrose ester, compound stabilizer (including CMC), granulated sugar, sodium citrate, phosphate, preservative, essence and drinking water, etc. 1.2. Processing Technology Raw milk→Sterilization→Coolin

  • How to Monitor Lubricant Mix-Up

    What is lubricant mix-up?Lubricant mix-up describes any situation where the lubricant, new or in service, does not meet the exact specification requirement.Why is it an issue?If the correct oil is ...


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  • Plunger Metering Pump

    Plunger Metering Pump

    Capacity range of single pump: 0 – 4,000 l/h, 400 – 4 bar; The plunger metering pump Orlita® DR does not need valves and can be operated within a broad stroke rate range. It is therefore suitable for use with high-viscosity and extremely high-viscosity media of up to 106 mPas within a wide temperature range from -40 °C to 400 °C, for example in the food industry.