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  • New IONICON Extended Volatility Range (EVR) PTR-MS

    New IONICON Extended Volatility Range (EVR) PTR-MS

    Ultra-Fast Time Response Even for IVOCs & SVOCsReal-Time Ultra-Sensitive trace VOC analyzers from IONICON are known for their response times in fractions of a second and hence are often used to follow rapidly changing processes and VOC signals. However, some substances are known to show a slower instrumental response because of unwanted surface interactions. These substances are eithe


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  • VOCOL<sup></sup> Capillary GC Column

    VOCOL Capillary GC Column

    L × I.D. 30 m × 0.25 mm, df 1.50 μm General description Application: This intermediate polarity column, designed for analyses of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), offers great retention and resolution of highly volatile compounds. Use this column in direct injection ports or coupled to purge and trap systems. USP Code: None Phase: • Bonded • Proprietary Temp. Limits: • ≤0.32 ...