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Landfill Gas Collection System

by WT Energy SMEA S.r.l     based in Repubblica di San Marino, ITALY

WT ENERGY SMEA provides landfill gas (LFG) collection systems for existing landfills, designed to capture the gas produced by decomposing waste before it impacts the environment, and utilize it as a fuel source for electrical generation.

Site Evaluation

by LANDTEC     based in Colton, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The LANDTEC technology and expertise will provide you with the products and tools that you need in order to maximize your site’s performance. LANDTEC's families of gas extraction and monitoring products used in conjunction with the LANDTEC SYSTEM software empowers you to quickly locate and identify operating characteristics of your site. ...

vario - Model MICRO Cube - CHNOS Elemental Analyzer

by Elementar Analysensysteme GmbH     based in Hanau, GERMANY

The modern 'cube' platform is setting the standards for elemental analyzers. Outstanding instrument design and intelligent engineering in combination with 110 years experience in the development of elemental micro-analyzers lead to unmatched precision of your analysis. Less than 1 mg pharmaceuticals can be analyzed just as precise as 500 mg soil ...

Remote Bin Fill Level Sensors

by SmartBin     based in Swords, IRELAND

SmartBin’s UBi family of Sensors is the result of many years of research in wireless sensor development, and combines innovative and proprietary techniques across a range of technologies including ultrasonics, cellular communication and advanced power management. SmartBin engineers have extensive experience in monitoring hundreds of ...

Model 1400 Series - Adjustable Set Point Flow Switch

by Thomas Products LTD     based in Southington, CONNECTICUT (USA)

Machine Tool Industry. Waste Water Monitoring. HVAC.

Landfill Gas Collection Systems

by Highland Energy (N.S.)Inc.     based in Bedford, NOVA SCOTIA (CANADA)

Landfill gas is created in landfills when the organic material decomposes. One of the main components of this gas is carbon dioxide (CO2). CO2 is a common man-made gas and the major contributor to global warming. The other principle component of landfill gas is methane (CH4), a colorless, odourless and highly explosive gas. Methane has 21 times ...

vario - Model EL cube - CHNOS Elemental Analyzer

by Elementar Analysensysteme GmbH     based in Hanau, GERMANY

Using more than one hundred years experience in elemental analysis in close contact with today's users of our instruments the vario EL cube was developed for a growing and changing demand in the 21st century. Designed as the successor of the most successful elemental analyzer, vario EL III, the vario EL cube is again the most versatile instrument ...

Model rapid OXY cube - CHNOS Elemental Analyzer

by Elementar Analysensysteme GmbH     based in Hanau, GERMANY

The rapid OXY cube is a newly developed analyzer for highly precise and matrix-independent oxygen concentration measurement. Oxygen analysis using pyrolytic conversion poses high demands to instrument technology. To guarantee a highly precise and matrix-independent result, pyrolysis temperatures up to 1450 °C are necessary. These extreme ...

Model KA and KAX - Rotary Paddle Bin Level Indicators

by Monitor Technologies LLC     based in Elburn, ILLINOIS (USA)

Monitor's KA / KAX line of rotary paddle bin level indicators consist of the most reliable, rugged and economical point level control sensors available for detection of dry bulk materials. These easy to install switches are proven performers in a wide variety of bulk materials. Monitor's paddle switches can be used to eliminate bin overflow, ...

Model ACCU-FLO - Wellhead

by LANDTEC     based in Dexter, MICHIGAN (USA)

Prefabricated flow control devices specifically developed for installation on LFG extraction system wells. These easily-installed wellheads incorporate a built-in gas flow measurement device, gas temperature port, quick-connect gas sample and pressure ports, flow control gate valve and flex-hose. Both horizontal and vertical configurations are ...

Automated Extraction Monitoring System (AEMS)

by LANDTEC     based in Dexter, MICHIGAN (USA)

The AEMS continuously monitors gas sample for methane content allowing verification of Greenhouse gas destruction for Carbon Credits (CERs). Using the latest computer and software technology, the Single Point AEMS is typically installed on a main header line before an engine or flare. It collects a wide range of data from equipment such as flow ...

Biogas Technology - Landfill Gas Collection Systems

by Biogas Technology Limited     based in Sawtry, UNITED KINGDOM

Gas collection networks are crucial to effective gas extraction, whether for migration control or gas utilisation. They are therefore a most critical element in effective long-term site management. These systems (including wells, pipework and manifolds) are often buried and unseen, and for this very reason are most vulnerable to shortcuts or ...

vario - Model MAX cube - CHNOS Elemental Analyzer

by Elementar Analysensysteme GmbH     based in Hanau, GERMANY

The Dumas combustion method has become the worldwide used standard for accurate and fast determination of nitrogen, e.g. in agricultural products. Compared to the wet chemical Kjeldahl method it is superior in terms of speed, safety and environmental friendliness. The representative analysis of a natural product requires a larger sample size of up ...

vario - Model MACRO cube - CHNOS Elemental Analyzer

by Elementar Analysensysteme GmbH     based in Hanau, GERMANY

Whether in coal, oil or soil analysis, the elemental analysis of macro samples is a particularly technical challenge for an analyzer. Elementar has solved this task in a sophisticated way by offering the vario MACRO cube. New technical solutions combined with well proven techniques allow the simultaneous determination of CHNS of samples up to the ...

UviLux - Catchment Water Quality Monitoring

by Chelsea Technologies Group     based in West Molesey, UNITED KINGDOM

Portable in-situ Tryptophan fluorometer for effluent detection The UviLux Tryptophan Fluorometer provides effective monitoring of inland waters (surface water and groundwater), transitional and coastal waters to detect outflow events from waste water treatment works (such as Combined Sewage Overflows) and farm slurry. It provides a dependable tool ...

Model TSHR - Elemental Analyzers

by Omnitek BV     based in NETHERLANDS

TSHR instruments are world's top in N, S, X combustion elemental analyzers. Main applications are food, feed, (petro) chemical and plastics.

SafePoint - Self-Validating Rotary Paddle Bin Level Indicator

by Monitor Technologies LLC     based in Elburn, ILLINOIS (USA)

Imagine a bin level switch that is more than just an indicator of the presence or absence of material. Picture technology that allows intelligent devices to indicate when something is wrong. Dream that a level sensor provides real-time information when the quality of the sensor function no longer allows it to operate as you expect. That is a ...

multi EA - Model 4000 - Macro Elemental Analyzer

by Analytik Jena AG     based in Jena, GERMANY

The multi EA 4000 offers precise and reliable environmental analysis and is incredibly easy to use. It guarantees you the fully automated determination of the environmentally relevant parameters TC, TOC, TIC, EC and BOC in soil, sediments, waste, minerals and other inorganic solids.

vario EL - Elemental Analyzer

by LT Scientific, Inc.     based in Carson City, NEVADA (USA)

Elemental Analyzer vario EL cube for simultaneous CHNS analysis with options for 0 and CI analysis.Innovative universal instrument for the determination of the element contents in organic and most inorganic solids and liquids (capsule sealing press as accessory).Optimized for the measurement of samples in the weighing range of 0.03 mg up to ...

Model ED-XRF - Elemental Analyzers

by Omnitek BV     based in NETHERLANDS

With more than 30 years experience, Xenemetrix Ltd. specializes in the design, development, production and marketing of Energy-Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) systems. Xenemetrix continues to develop highly innovative technologies and solutions suitable for today’s ever-growing analytical challenges, performing ...

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