Water Integrity Testing

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  • Sensors provide Iowa flood warnings

    Sensors provide Iowa flood warnings

    To create the world’s most sophisticated flood monitoring and forecasting system, the Iowa Flood Center (IFC) uses more than 200 Senix ToughSonic 30 and ToughSonic 50 ultrasonic sensors to measure water levels in streams across the state. Data collected from the sensors are auto


Equipment & Solutions

  • Multichannel Digital Resistivimeter

    Multichannel Digital Resistivimeter

    A new approach to geoelectrical surveying. Electra is the MoHo’s digital system for geoelectrical surveys. A number of unique features make it a very special georesistivimeter. Acquisition times are considerably reduced due to the simultaneous acquisition on all channels and the use of alternate current. Weight, size and consumption are orders of magnitude lower than traditional systems. ...