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Water Integrity Testing equipment for Monitoring and Testing

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    Model Electra - Multichannel Digital Resistivimeter

    A new approach to geoelectrical surveying. Electra is the MoHo’s digital system for geoelectrical surveys. A number of unique features make it a very special georesistivimeter. Acquisition times are considerably reduced due to the simultaneous acquisition on all channels and the use of alternate current. Weight, size and consumption are ...

    By MoHo s.r.l. based in Marghera (Venice), ITALY. from Electra Product line

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    Proco - Pipe Penetration Seals

    The Proco Pen-Seal is designed to provide a gas and water-tight seal. All sizes have been tested to withstand a hydrostatic seal up to 20 psig or 40 feet of head pressure, in addition to withstanding temperatures up to 250 °F. The Pen-Seal’s standard elastomer material is EPDM, but a Nitrile material is available if the seal may come in ...

    By Proco Products, Inc. based in Stockton, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Expansion Joints - Pen-Seal Product line

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    Thermotron - Moisture & Rain Test Chamber

    Designed to simulate a soaking, rainy environment, Thermotron’s Moisture Test Chambers are built with the water-tightness of sealed components such as head lamps, tail lights, and wiring harnesses making them ideal for conducting a water spray test. The Rain Test Chamber features a self-contained water recirculation system that eliminates ...

    By Thermotron Industries based in Holland, MICHIGAN (USA). from Specialty Environmental Chamber Product line

  • Pamasol - Model MWB - Magnetic Water Bath

    In the industrial production the Magnetic Water Bath tests aerosol containers for tightness and resistance to pressure. For containers of tin plate with 1“ valves. Capacity: up to 600 containers per minute.

    By Pamasol Willi Mäder AG based in Pfäffikon, SWITZERLAND. from Testing and Safety Equipment Product line

  • Cascade - Model CT2211 - Micro Leak Detection System

    The European Commission’s Aerosol Dispensers Directive (ADD) legislation (UN ADR 2013, 75/324/EEC) mandates that aerosol dispensers and small receptacles containing compressed gas (gas cartridges) must pass a leak-proof test before they are transported.

    By Cascade Technologies based in Stirling, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • TefTEC - PTFE Membrane Filter Series

    TefTEC cartridge filters are constructed with naturally hydrophobic PTFE membrane and polypropylene support layers and components. The HIMA retentive PTFE membrane offers superior hydrophobicity and water intrusion resistance compared to PVDF and polypropylene membranes, and the cartridge construction offers a cost -effective alternative to ...

    By Pureworld Solutions Inc based in Delta, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Cartridge Filters - Membrane Filters Product line

  • Plugs - Multi-Size Plugs of Larger Diameters

    The Plugs for Main Sewers OAS (without by-pass) and OAST (with by-pass) are manufactured to be use in ND 40 to 1800 mm. With NBR rubber and reinforced with KEVLAR, strengthen the plug.

    By Agrippa SA based in Saint Priest, FRANCE. from Inflatable & Mechanical Plugs Product line

  • DOOR-SAFE - Water Tight Tester

    The fully ABS Type Approved Door-Safe ultrasonic kit is used to rapidly and accurately test the integrity of water-tight doors and hatches.

    By Class Instrumentation Ltd. based in London, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Filter PES - Polyethersulfone membrane

    The FilterPES microfiltration cartridge has been developed and optimized for the Biological and Beverage industries for the filtration of high-purity liquids to assure product purity and biological stability. FilterPES is inherently hydrophilic and contains no added surfactants or wetting agents. Each cartridge is pre-flushed with ultrapure DI ...

    By IPM Filtrazione SRL based in Lissone, Milano, ITALY. from Filter Cartridge Product line

  • Tylox SuperSeal - Box Culvert Gasket

    Pre-Lubricated Gaskets for Box Culvert.Say good-bye to the Butyl Rope and External Wrap! Say hello to fast, clean, simple installation.The unique design of the Tylox® SuperSeal™ gasket, in combination with a “round-cornered”, single-offset joint box design, now offers the advantages of watertight jointing and reduced ...

    By Hamilton Kent based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Structure Gaskets Product line

  • Labthink - Model C330H - Water Vapor Transmission Rate Test System

    C330H Water Vapor Transmission Rate Test System, is designed and manufactured based on the electrolytic sensor method and conforms to the requirements of ISO 15106-3. This instrument can be used to measure the water vapor transmission rate of barrier materials with high and medium moisture barrier properties with a wide testing range and high ...

    By Labthink Instruments Co.,Ltd based in Jinan, CHINA.

  • Stokota - Fuel Semitrailers

    Stokota has been a European market leader in the production of fuel tank semitrailers, superstructures and trailers for many years. The advanced design and engineering has made our vehicles popular all over Europe. We build high quality tanks in aluminium or steel with a large package of standard equipment and a rich choice in options and ...

    By Stokota NV based in Lokeren, BELGIUM. from Fuel & Energy Product line

  • Septic Tank

    The septic tank is often the most efficient and cost-effective solution for waste-water treatment. Based on years of experience, innovation and the highest quality standards, Eco Pipelife has designed and produced a series of septic tanks combined with a ground infiltration system. The 2000 litre tanks are made of durable rotational moulded ...

    By Pipelife International GmbH based in Wien, AUSTRIA. from Eco Systems Product line

  • Z Tec - Poyethersulphone Membrane Cartridge Filters

    Z Tec membrane filters using Polyethersulphone membrane ranging from 0.03 micron to 0.65 micron absolute. This filter is the general grade product but is produced in a classified clean room using fully FDA approved materials. It has a high surface area of membrane often higher than competitors products and every single filter is flushed with 18 ...

  • Model KM 9901.1 117 (Z35) - Vertical Lift Type Check Valves

    Flanged vertical lift-type check valve type KM 9901.1 117 (Z 35) is unidirectional valve designed to prevent from reverse flow of the service fluid. The direction of the fluid flow is marked with an arrow on the valve's body from the bottom to the top, i. e. under the disc. In case the fluid starts flowing back, the disc closes the ...

    By KE-ARM, s.r.o. based in Opava, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Vertical Lift Type Check Valves Product line

  • Model KM 9903.1 117 - Vertical Lift Type Check Valves with Automatic Relief

    Flanged vertical lift-type check valve with automatic relief type KM 9903.1 117 (Z40) is designed to ensure safety of service, i.e. to protect pump against reverse flow of the pumped fluid and to safe start-up and termination of operation of the pump. The valve is not designed for long-term fluid flow through the bypass when the bypass ...

    By KE-ARM, s.r.o. based in Opava, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Vertical Lift Type Check Valves Product line

  • Prime Water - Model Micro 10 , 20 & 30 - Membrane Micro Filter

    The filters are also available with Ultra-filtration membranes with max. pore sizes of 0,02 µm

    By Prime Water BVBA based in Lommel, BELGIUM.

  • Model ViBav and ViBp Type - Advancing (ViBav) Vibration and Temperature Chamber

    Advancing Vibration and Temperature chambers (ViBav) or Vibration and Temperature chambers on Feet (ViBp)are widely endorsed by their users : because of their ability to adapt to various shakers, because of their test modes multivalence (Hot, Cold, Hot-Cold, Hot-Cold-Humid), because of their uniformity with all the CLIMATS environmental chambers ...

    By Climats based in St Médard D`Eyrans cedex, FRANCE.

  • Ultraprobe - Model 3000 - Digital Ultrasound Instruments

    If you’re looking for high performance in a small, lightweight package, this Ultraprobe has what you want. Digitally powered, it will record and download all your test data for steam trap and compressed air inspection. Designed for ease of use, the Ultraprobe 3000 combines simplicity and sophistication. Featuring a fixed frequency response ...

    By UE Systems Inc based in Elmsford, NEW YORK (USA). from Digital Ultrasound Instruments Product line

  • Q-Lab - Water Repurification System for QUV and Q-SUN

    Q-Lab offers an advanced water repurification system as an option for QUV and Q-SUN test chamber models with water spray. The system can save over 1,000 liters of expensive, purified water per day in a test cycle that calls for several hours of water spray, and can pay for itself in a matter of months.Unlike competing systems that simply ...

    By Q-Lab Corporation based in Westlake, OHIO (USA). from Other Accessories Product line

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