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water level variation (Water Level Monitoring) equipment

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    Diver-Office - Diver Water Level Logger

    Start, stop, read and program Diver water level loggers. Exports data to a spreadsheet or modelling program. Diver-Office is flexible ‘project-based' measurement software. Intuitive user interface. Calibrates CTD-Diver water level loggers. Barometric compensation. Units: metric - imperial. Available in 7 languages: English, German, Polish, ...

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water based in Giesbeek, NETHERLANDS. from Sensors & Monitoring Product line

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    WesTech - Digester Covers

    WesTech anaerobic digester covers are ideal for new and retrofit installations. These custom covers are innovatively designed by WesTech engineers who have decades of experience meeting customer specifications for biogas and odor containment. Incorporating the most current structural standards, WesTech covers are economical and easy to install.

    By WesTech Engineering, Inc. based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA). from Anaerobic Digestion Product line

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    Grande - Model TRU-FLO - Compact Regulator System

    The TRU-FLO Compact Regulator System is designed to maintain a constant and accurate flow (+/- 5%) from a minimum of 160 gpm (10 L/s) to a maximum of 7 100 gpm (450 L/s) for upstream water levels varying from 0 to 26 feet (8 m). The TRU-FLO Compact Regulator has been used for flow control in combined sewer systems (CSO), sanitary sewer systems ...

    By Grande Water Management Systems based in Laval, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Sewer Flow Regulation Product line

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    Polychem - Power Skimmers

    A power skimmer is a 2- or 3-shaft chain and flight system designed to remove grease, scum, and other floating materials from the water surface. Similar to 2-, 3-, and 4-shaft sludge collector systems, the power skimmer is operated by a gear motor, which translates rotation to collector sprockets to drive the chain and flight system. Flights ...

    By Brentwood Industries, Inc. based in Reading, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Polychem Sludge Collectors - Components Product line

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    Kamps - Model Airmax - Low Speed Surface Aerator

    KAMPS company is a surface aerator manufacturer and supplier since more than 30 years and has references all over the world. The low speed vertical shaft aerator AIRMAX presents all the required qualities for efficient aeration of biological plants. Indeed low speed surface aerators oxygen transfer efficiency is one of the highest compared to ...

    By KAMPS s.a. based in Battice, BELGIUM. from Surface Aerators Product line

  • Scott - Floating Aquasweep Model

    Now you can keep your waterfront, dock area, and canals free from floating algae and debris. The Scott Aquasweep floating model is designed to conveniently push un-sightly trash and organic debris to a location of choice for easy pick-up.  The Aquasweep floating model is fully adjustable for various directional flows, and the stainless steel ...

    By Scott Aerator Co. LLC based in Holland, MICHIGAN (USA). from Aquasweep Muck & Silt Eliminator Product line

  • Model AER-F (ES) - Fixed Surface Aerator

    Designed for bridge or platform mounting in basins with fixed or minimal water level variation. Can be installed and removed as a fully assembled unit through a hole in the platform without draining the basin. The length can be manufactured to suit virtually any platform to water level measurement.

    By Aquaturbo Systems, Inc. based in Springdale, ARIZONA (USA). from Aerotors & Mixers Product line

  • IAG - Model DD5 - Light Tripod

    Tripod made of high quality black aluminum. Details and joints made of black plastic and neoprene foam grips for ergonomics. It has a shoe with 3/8 'thread where the appropriate adapter cylinder must be fixed to place the DD5 dodecahedron.

  • KELLER - Model DCX-22 AA - Water Data Collector for Water Levels

    100% Waterproof, Air Pressure compensated. The data collector DCX-22 AA measures and records ground water levels using KELLER's two sensor AA-technology (absolute-absolute). The submersible depth sensor measures the water level. Barometric pressure variations are measured and compensated with the built-in waterproof air pressure sensor which is ...

    By KELLER AG für Druckmesstechnik based in Winterthur, SWITZERLAND. from Data Loggers / GSM Product line

  • Water Level Indicator

    To measure the variation in the level of the water table is useful by means of ready access for a measuring device. Driving a piezometer tip into some point below the natural water table allows the water to enter and rise up the access standpipe to stabilise at the water table level. Seasonal variations or variations due to irrigation can be ...

    By Akim Hydrometry based in Seyhan, TURKEY.

  • Alarm Systems

    Alarm systems, also known as burglar or intrusion alarms, signal our Monitoring Centre should unwanted intruders enter the premises. Motion detectors, door and window contacts, glass break detectors and cameras can all activate an alarm.

    By Chubb Edwards based in Barrie, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Business Security Solutions Product line

  • Suparskim - Skimmers

    A Suparskim skimmers is not an oil skimmer. It is used to skimm off the surface layer from a tank, bath or pit; medium with only traces of oil. They are an essential component in every solution and the basis for the Skim & Treat method. Suparskim® skimmers come in fixed-mounted and floating versions to accommodate for any level variation.

    By Esselent Solutions b.v. based in Drunen, NETHERLANDS. from Oil Separation Suparator Product line

  • Scott Aerator - Floating No-Icer

    Ice build-up during the winter can cause numerous problems around boats, dock pilings, boat houses as well as fish and wildlife ponds. The Scott Aerator Company with over 40 years of experience, has developed a superior No-Icer that is efficient, reliable and extremely durable in keeping surface areas free of damaging ice. A Scott No-Icer keeps ...

    By Scott Aerator Co. LLC based in Holland, MICHIGAN (USA). from De-Icers Product line

  • Model TC - Tidal Compensators

    Application: Tidal Compensators prevent oil bypassing a boom when water levels rise and fall and are particularly useful in tidal areas or water bodies subject to storm water surges.

    By Global Spill Control based in Thomastown, AUSTRALIA. from Spills on Water - Boom Accessories Product line

  • PCPL - Model D-Cant - Clarified Liquid Decanters

    The D-Cant range of clarified liquid decanters typically consist of a submerged bellmouth or rectangular weir that is supported by floats and discharges via a flexible pipe. The weir is designed and installed to remove clarified liquid from the surface of a tank or basin without disturbing deeper layers where solids may be concentrated. This ...

    By Patrick Charles Pty Ltd. (PCPL) based in Sydney, AUSTRALIA. from Others Product line

  • Surfcleaner - Model DAPP - Dynamic Adaptive Piston Pump

    SURFCLEANER is part of Inovacor. Inovacor is basically a development company with products based on the discovery (Lundbäck 1979-1986) how the heart performs its pumping and auto-regulating functions as a previously unknown pump technology DAPP (Dynamic Adaptive Piston Pump). This patented technology has in recent years been used in the ...

    By Surfcleaner AB based in Vaxholm, SWEDEN.

  • Nordic Scientific - Ice Flaking Machine

    An automatic Ice machine for your hygienic Ice flakes requirement in research laboratories, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, medical, biotechnological and hotel industries. The machine utilizes running tap water and converts it in the form of ice flakes continuously. It is a compact, self contained unit, covering less floor area & easily ...

    By Nordic Scientific & Natural Solutions AB based in Lund, SWEDEN.

  • Drum Filter

    The operative cycle is simple: the fluid to be filtered enters into a rotating drum. The periphery of the drum is made of solid stainless steel perforated plates. Impurities larger than the holes are trapped on the inside of the filter plates. The drum rotates slowly (3 - 8rpm, depending on model) dragging the impurities out of water. A ramp ...

    By INNOVAQUA based in Lebrija (Sevilla), SPAIN. from Mechanical Filtration Product line

  • H2O - Macerator Pump

    Also known as a cutter pump, or a solids handling pump, our vacuum macerator pump uses the principle of differential air pressure to transport sewage from the toilet, macerate it into tiny particles and pump it to our sewage treatment unit or holding tank.

    By H2O Inc. based in Lafayette, LOUISIANA (USA). from Wastewater Solutions Product line

  • ElliTrack - Model W - Acoustic Groundwater Monitoring Loggers

    The ElliTrack-W acoustic groundwater stan d logger consists of a sensor and a data logger. The logger fits into a 2 'monitoring well. The sensor has a diameter of 23 mm and fits in monitoring wells of 32 mm.

    By Leiderdorp Instruments BV based in Leiderdorp, NETHERLANDS. from Measuring Groundwater Product line

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