Water Level Monitoring Videos

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    Geotech Dipperlog with Tap & Tell - Records Water Level & Temperature - Video

    The Geotech Dipperlog measures and records water level and temperature at preset intervals inside boreholes and or open bodies of water. Data is stored on the unit allowing computer download when convenient. The Dipperlog is a pressure transducer which measures borehole pressures at 10m depth and greater to record water depth. It also contains temperature sensors, and batteries (life is about 10 ...

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    Stop It Gas Riser Rehabilitation Kit - Application Procedure - Video

    The STOP IT Riser Rehabilitation Kit is intended to strengthen the structural integrity of the riser nipple, or riser casing on non-leaking 3/4” and 1” standard anodeless risers. It is comprised of a strong knitted fiberglass tape coated with fast setting, water-activated urethane resins. The STOP IT Riser Rehabilitation Kit also includes FIX STIX, a steel filled hand moldable epoxy ...

    By InduMar Products, Inc.

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    OTT RLS - Radar Level Sensor for Surface Water - Video

    The OTT RLS is a radar water level sensor designed specifically for hydrologic surface water applications. Learn more about the OTT RLS at ...

    By The OTT Hydromet Group

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    Aquaread GPS LeveLine Meter Video

    The GPS LeveLine Meter is designed to be used with all LeveLine Water Level and Temperature loggers. The meter has many uses including LeveLine setup, data download and the novel GPS embedding feature which tags the LeveLines deployment location into the ...

    By Aquaread Limited

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    Aquaread LeveLine and LeveLine-ECO Video

    The LeveLine-ECO is a water level and temperature recording device that has been specifically designed to reduce your monitoring costs. It is constructed with stainless steel and includes its own internal lithium battery for years of self supplied power and a huge internal memory for year upon year of ...

    By Aquaread Limited

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    Aquaread LeveLine Mini Water Level & Temperature Sensor Video

    Our LeveLine Mini water level and temperature sensor is the smaller version of our LeveLine meter, without the internal memory or power. Constructed with high quality stainless steel and features sensitive pressure and temperatures. We have specifically designed this product to help reduce your monitoring costs. View our video to find out ...

    By Aquaread Limited

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    Ultrasonic Flow Measurement Systems Comparison - NIVUS Video

    Flow Meters for water and waste water at highest level. Very high accuracy - reliable measuring data - universal usability for all types of channels and pipes - full or part filled. Best measuring results due to velocity measurement spatial allocation. Suitable for full pipe flow measurement or open channel flow ...

    By NIVUS GmbH

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    Wilks at Pittcon introducing InfraCal 2 Video

    The new InfraCal 2 Portable IR Analyzers with increase signal-to-noise ratio for better sensitivity and a touch screen display with new features -- including multiple calibrations, internal data logging and transfer, alarm functions, security/password protection, and internal battery pack. Compact, rugged package, weighing less than 6 lbs. and with no moving parts. Applications include; sub-ppm ...

    By Spectro Scientific

  • Solar Light Company, Inc. Model PMA2200 Research Grade Radiometer Video

    Solar Light Company, Inc.'s versatile PMA2200 accepts over 35 different PMA-Series sensors measuring UV, Visible and IR wavelengths. Our patented Intelligent Detector Technology allows users to interchange sensors without losing the functionality of a single purpose meter, while the Automatic Sensor Recognition feature eliminates the need to match meters and sensors. Any PMA Sensor can interface ...

    By Solar Light

  • Solar Light Company, Inc Model 540 Microtops II Sunphotometer Video

    Solar Light’s Model 540 Microtops II® Sunphotometer is a compact, handheld 5-channel multispectral instrument designed to measure direct solar irradiance at all selected wavelengths. It then uses this information to provide atmospheric properties, such as aerosol optical thickness and water vapor column. Standard wavelengths to choose from are 340nm, 380nm, 440nm, 500nm, 675nm, 870nm, 936nm, and ...

    By Solar Light

  • HOBO U20L Water Level Data Logger - Video

    http://www.onsetcomp.com/products/data-loggers/U20L-data-loggers View an introduction to the new HOBO U20L low-cost, research-grade water level loggers setting a new standard for price/performance for high-accuracy water level and temperature ...

    By Onset Computer Corporation

  • HOBO Water Level Data Loggers U20 - Video

    http://www.onsetcomp.com/ Learn the features of this water level data logger, including available lengths, barometric pressure data options, and accuracy rating. Housing options are also discussed for fresh and salt water, as well as battery details, optical communications for underwater offloading, and HOBOware Pro software ...

    By Onset Computer Corporation

  • Introduction to the SonTek-IQ Series: Flow, Volume, Level and Velocity in Canals, Pipes and Streams Video

    Developed with assistance from the Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture*, the IQ starts with a custom flow algorithm derived from hundreds of field measurements. The four velocity beams profile water velocity both vertically and horizontally ensuring complete coverage of the velocity field. The built-in pressure sensor and vertical ...

    By SonTek - A Xylem Brand

  • HOBO U20L Water Level Data Logger Video

    http://www.onsetcomp.com/products/data-loggers/U20L-data-loggers View an introduction to the new HOBO U20L low-cost, research-grade water level loggers setting a new standard for price/performance for high-accuracy water level and temperature ...

    By Onset Computer Corporation

  • Amazon Water Level Bubbler Video | YSI | WaterLOG - Video

    The new Amazon water level bubbler is the most advanced water level and long-term flow monitoring system available. The WaterLOG products backed by years of YSI manufacturing and support/service make the Amazon a must have for bubblers and water level ...

    By YSI - a Xylem brand

  • Mmd4E - Pin-Type Lcd Moisture Meter Video

    This affordable digital moisture meter is ideal for construction, woodworking and home inspection. Whether you're a professional contractor or a conscientious home owner, General's MMD4E ultra-sensitive moisture meter help you to easily detect moisture in wood, concrete, plaster and carpet. This meter provides accurate moisture level readings and is great for new home inspections, locating roof ...

  • LaMotte Leaf Pack Kit - Video

    Students will learn to design, implement, and analyze a scientific investigation while discovering the value of aquatic macroinvertebrates as living indicators of water quality. The kit is reusable and flexible, adaptable to varying time contraints, number of students and grade levels, and it is geographically friendly, and complete. All the apparatus and guides necessary for collecting, ...

    By LaMotte Co

  • AZUD Industry and Environment - Video

    The objective of the installation of AZUD filtration systems at one particular application is: Protection of all the elements in contact with water. Avoid clogging in the control, protection and measurement elements, as in the emitter components of water. Adequate the quality of water (quantity and solids size) to the desired demand ...

    By Sistema Azud, S.A.

  • Greyline Instruments DLT 2.0 Differential Level Transmitter Video

    When the Town of Port-Cartier needed to automate operation of the barscreen rake in their Wastewater Treatment Plant they selected the DLT 2.0 Differential Level Transmitter from Greyline Instruments. It works with two non-contacting ultrasonic level sensors mounted on both sides of the barscreen to activate a cleaning rake when trash builds up in the barscreen and the upstream water level rises ...

    By Greyline Instruments Inc.


    New Cold Water High Pressure Cleaner by Comet MOTOR PUMP FEATURES COMET pump type LW-K Integral ceramic 3 pistons for highly-professional use Oil level indicator Brass heads Integrally built conrods in special extra-strong alloy  Top performance and high efficiency GENERAL FEATURES Sturdy injection-moulded plastic ...

    By COMET S.p.A.

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