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    M36 Water Audits and Loss Control Programs, Fourth Edition

    Discover how much water your utility loses due to leakage, meter error, or water theft and learn how to determine the cost of uncaptured revenue from ...

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    Water Management and Water Loss

    Water Management and Water Loss contains a selection of papers and articles written by various internationally recognised specialists in the field of ...

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    Management of Change in Water Companies

    Management of Change in Water Companies tells real stories of real water companies that went through processes of change and achieved their best ...

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    Preparing Urban Water Use Efficiency Plans

    Many communities are facing water scarcity in developing and developed countries alike. There are numerous publications and on-going research studies ...

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    Leak Detection

    Ageing infrastructure and declining water resources are major concerns with a growing global population.  Controlling water loss has therefore become ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • Gutermann AG

    Gutermann AG

    GUTERMANN is the water industry`s leading manufacturer and innovator of leak detection equipment and smart water loss management systems. We cover ...

  • Echologics Engineering Inc. - a division of Mueller Canada Ltd.

    Echologics Engineering Inc. - a division of Mueller Canada Ltd.

    Echologics is a leading developer and provider of acoustic technologies for water loss management, leak detection, and pipeline condition assessment. ...

  • Aqua Environmental

    We specialise in the detection of water leakage for water distribution networks, local governments and mining companies using only the highest ...

  • Geopen Geophysics Instruments

    Geopen Inc, a group company, specializes in the design and manufacture of geophysics instruments. Our products include seismic, electric, and ...

  • Teksu

    For over 10 years TEKSU, which has started in business with supplying of equipment such as pressure regulating control valves, flow meters, data ...