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LG Sonic - Model Monitoring Buoy - For Monitoring Algae

by LG Sonic     based in Zoetermeer, NETHERLANDS

Combines real-time water quality monitoring and web-based software to provide a cost-effective monitoring solution in coastal areas and lakes.

Waste Water Level Monitoring System

by KELLER AG für Druckmesstechnik     based in Winterthur, SWITZERLAND

The 46 X level transmitters serve as a main sensor for waste water level monitoring, whereas the floating switches are used as a secondary control element. The main advantage of the 46 X is a chemically resistant AL2O3 diaphragm with gold layer, which is also more immune against mechanical damage when compared to the thin steel diaphragm used in ...

Dam Water Level Monitoring System

by KELLER AG für Druckmesstechnik     based in Winterthur, SWITZERLAND

In Poland several hundred KELLER PAA-36 X W level probes have been installed in numerous water dams. Generally, the capillary solutions with relative pressure sensors are not acceptable, due to humidity problems. Thanks to 

Arjay - Model HydroSense 3410 - On-line ppm Oil in Water Monitor Analyzer

by Arjay Engineering Ltd.     based in Oakville, ONTARIO (CANADA)

The HydroSense 3410 offers a high accuracy approach to monitoring low concentrations of free and soluble oils in water. Combining many unique design features into a compact package makes this an ideal solution to monitoring for oil contamination in your water system. Fluorescence technology is selective to ppm levels of petroleum hydrocarbons by ...

Model G6100 - Wash Water Monitoring System

by Green Instruments A/S     based in Brønderslev, DENMARK

The G6100 Wash Water Monitoring System provides reliable and highly accurate measurements for your exhaust gas cleaning system. Its design ensures fast response time within a broad system pressure range from 0-4 barg. It is compact in size and easy to commission, thus offering a true plug’n’measure installation.

Lowe Engineering - Waste Water Monitoring System

by Lowe Engineering Limited     based in Leeds, UNITED KINGDOM

Increasingly stringent consent limits for environmental discharges have led to a significant increase in the monitoring of Waste Water Streams.

UV System - Dulcodes Z

by ProMinent Group - ProMinent GmbH     based in Heidelberg, GERMANY

Flow up to 230 m3/h.UV system Dulcodes Z for potable water treatment. Chemical-free disinfection, which conforms to all internationally established DVGW, ÖVGW and UVDGM standards. High-performance and energy-efficient high-output lamps.

Myron L - Model AQUASWITCH I™ - Fully Automatic DI/RO Bank Switching System

by Myron L Company     based in Carlsbad, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The AQUASWITCH I is a special purpose dedicated computer which automatically “changes out” an exhausted Dl or RO bank for a fresh stand-by bank. LEDs continually give the condition of both banks. An alarm output is activated as each bank is depleted.

Myron L - Model Controlstik II™ 597 - Dual Range Heavy Duty Rinse Water Tank Control System

by Myron L Company     based in Carlsbad, CALIFORNIA (USA)

What it does: The Myron L CONTROLSTIK II Rinse Tank System dramatically reduces the amount of water used in continuous flow rinse tanks. At the same time, it automatically maintains optimum water purity, ensuring effective rinsing.

Leakwise - Controllers For Leakwise Oil On Water Monitoring Systems

by GE Analytical Instruments     based in Boulder, COLORADO (USA)

A Leakwise Oil-on-Water Monitoring System consists of a controller (signal processor) and one or more sensors, depending on application needs.

Partech - Model 7300w2 - Monitor for the WaterWatch2 Range Water Monitoring System

by Partech (Electronics) Ltd.     based in St Austell, UNITED KINGDOM

The 7300w² Monitor is the core product in the WaterWatch² range. The monitor is designed to interface with all of the sensors in the WaterWatch² range. The monitor specification provides all the connections required for 1 or 2 sensors, systems can be created by the use of expansion boxes to include multiple sensors. The maximum ...

Myron L - Model RO-CHECK™ - POU TDS Monitor

by Myron L Company     based in Carlsbad, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The innovative Myron L RO-CHECK (U.S. Patent # 4,762,611) reliably monitors total dissolved solids 24 hours a day.  A quick glance at the display assures RO users of their water TDS quality.  Should membrane failure or other problems cause TDS to rise above the set point, the words 'CHECK SYSTEM' flash in the LCD.  This silent ...

MEAS - Model TruBlue™ 575 Baro - Water Resources Monitoring Systems

by Measurement Specialties, Inc.     based in Hampton, VIRGINIA (USA)

The MEAS TruBlue 575 Baro is an absolute non-submersible pressure transducer providing local atmopsheric pressure data that can be used to compensate one or more submerged, non-vented water level transducers.

Myron L - Model 720 Series II - pH/ORP Monitor/Controllers

by Myron L Company     based in Carlsbad, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The advanced “isolated” circuitry of the 720 Series II pH/ORP Monitor/ controllers guarantees accurate and reliable measurements — completely eliminating ground-loop and noise issues.

Model TD-4100 XD - Continuous On-Line Oil in Water Monitor

by Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments, Inc.     based in Fresno, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The TD-4100 XD is a ruggedized version of the TD-4100 continuous on-line oil in water monitor. The XD is designed specifically for offshore oil production, refining, petro-chemical, mining, and other industries that require robust on-line hardware for severe duty and hazardous area locations. The monitor is skid or wall mounted and constructed of ...

pCO2 Measuring System

by General Oceanics Inc.     based in Miami, FLORIDA (USA)

pCO2 Measuring System Hull Water Intake Plumbing Option This package is a Lloyd's approved below water line module, self contained with all exposed parts either stainless steel or plastic. The unit includes a guillotine shut off valve in case of catastrophic failure. The unit collects water a few inches from the hull through the intake pod ...

Spare Parts kit for pCO2 System

by General Oceanics Inc.     based in Miami, FLORIDA (USA)

Air Filters, Naphion Dryers, Tubing, Restrictors, Fuses, Ferrules, Fan Filters, Hose clamps.

Kit, Relay Assembly for Intake pump PCO2

by General Oceanics Inc.     based in Miami, FLORIDA (USA)

Optional relay to control an external water pump. The 8050 system includes a leak detection circuit that shuts off the water intake valve if a leak is detected inside the system. This switch would be used to turn off an external pump.

Equilibrator, Vent Assy.

by General Oceanics Inc.     based in Miami, FLORIDA (USA)

Equilibrator, Pre, Vent Assy. Flow Rate 2-3 L/m Pre equilibrator for our 8050 PCO2 System.

Model BLDC 6 Wire Part#pu2345-nmp05-8.09 - Pump, Diaphragm Vacuum & Compressor

by General Oceanics Inc.     based in Miami, FLORIDA (USA)

Pump, Diaphragm Vacuum & Compressor. PCO2 system Replaces Pump 51-0103  May Require PCB Upgrade.

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