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  • Satellite Reflector Antennas
    Showcase Product

    Satellite Reflector Antennas

    By Elite Antennas Ltd.

    Elite Antennas manufacture a wide variety of satellite reflector antennas for high-end customers including defence agencies, commercial broadcast networks, systems integrators and research agencies. Our customer base is ...

  • Portable Weather Radar System
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    Portable Weather Radar System

    By EWR Weather Radar

    The E600 Tactical Weather Radar is EWR’s most compact, cost-effective and portable non-Doppler weather radar solution. The E600’s exclusive combination of power and portability make this system the industry ...

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  • International Weather Radar Networking

    International Weather Radar Networking covers all aspects of the subject in a collection of contributions drawn from all over the world. Of ...

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    Weather Radar

    Weather radar systems provide data necessary for the understanding of weather systems, improved forecasts (especially critical for severe weather), ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • EWR Weather Radar

    EWR Weather Radar

    Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, EWR Weather Radar has been the industry leader in portable weather radar design since 1982. The company’s ...

  • Kontur-NIIRS, Ltd.

    Kontur-NIIRS, Ltd.

    For decades being engaged in development of powerful flight-navigation complexes for heavy aircraft like An 22, IL 76, An 124, An 225 ...

  • Eldes s.r.l.

    Eldes s.r.l.

    Eldes s.r.l. providing hardware design and software development in the fields of automation and remote control of technological systems. ...

  • Selex ES GmbH

    Selex ES GmbH

    Selex ES GmbH is providing leading-edge technology products, services and solutions in the fields of Meteorology and Telecommunications dedicated to ...

  • Enterprise Electronics Corporation (EEC)

    Enterprise Electronics Corporation (EEC)

    In 1971, a group of radar engineers formed a company in south Alabama. Their dream was to develop and manufacture affordable, high quality ...