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  • NDT for Corrosion Detection: What You Need to Know

    Corrosion is a problem that affects almost every major industry. It can cause costly repair requirements and safety hazards. What’s needed is a viable nondestructive testing (NDT) regimen that detects corrosive anomalies within a shorter timeframe and adapts to complicated contours.When it comes to NDT for corrosion detection, choose an ultrasonic testing solution including a scanner or an ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Tips for CyBio Well Vario 1536

    Tips for CyBio Well Vario 1536

    CyBio Tip Magazines 1536 are designed, manufactured and quality inspected with respect to automation requirements in 1536-well formats, in turn permitting unattended, precise and highly reproducible sample processing.

Upcoming Events

  • Inspection of Subsea Pipelines and Offshore Tubular Structures

    Inspection of Subsea Pipelines and Offshore Tubular Structures

    The course will provide an in-depth look into the subject of the inspection of offshore pipelines and structures. It explains which part the internal and external inspection play in the overall pipeline integrity and pipeline maintenance procedures. The course will introduce the typical flaws and anomalies observed in offshore pipelines and associated structures. In-Line inspection tools, as well ...