Wind Monitoring Equipment available in Kentucky

  • Helipad, Helicopter & Oilrig Systems

    Mtech has developed customized solutions for both attended and un-attended helipad and oilrig systems. Using specialized hardware and software systems the AWOS is able to allow the incoming pilot to automatically turn on lights and listen to automatically generated ATIS messages with current and accurate weather data for the landing location. ...

    By MTECH Systems Pty Ltd based in Braeside, AUSTRALIA.

  • Grid Connectivity Solutions

    Through S&C’s century-long history of innovation, not only have we developed deep expertise in the switching and protection technologies needed to direct the flow of electricity, we’ve become a leading provider of advanced communication systems for making the grid smarter. It’s a combination unmatched by other suppliers. This ...

    By S&C Electric Company based in Oswego, ILLINOIS (USA). from Communications Product line

  • JDC-WWS - Model 1 - Wind Warning Kit

    The NEW and improved JDC Skywatch Wind Warning System was developed for the protection of individuals and assets that may be subject to strong damaging winds. It consists of two parts: A display unit showing the wind force, with 4 programmable warning thresholds (2 minimum and 2 maximum). A multidirectional turbine (wind sensor) enabling ...

    By Skyview Systems Ltd based in Sudbury, UNITED KINGDOM. from Cabled Weather Stations Product line

  • Pegasus - Model FLX - Portable Weather Station

    When wind direction and speed measurements are critical, the Pegasus FLX Weather Station offers a complete weather monitoring solution for portable operations. For HazMat, pollution control, research, and other environmental monitoring requirements, the Pegasus FLX's enhanced wind sensor offers two-degree wind direction resolution and up to 160 ...

    By Columbia Weather Systems, Inc. based in Hillsboro, OREGON (USA). from Portable Weather Stations Product line

  • Met One Instruments - Model 50.5 - Solid State Wind Sensor

    The 50.5 Solid State Wind Sensor is a continuation of the development work started with NOAA on sonic wind sensors over 25 years ago. This sensor design contains the same wind distortion algorithm and factoring that has been proven and accepted in applications around the world. No other sensor technology has the history of time proven field ...

    By Met One Instruments, Inc. based in Grants Pass, OREGON (USA). from Wind Sensor Product line

  • LeWL - Wind Logger

    The new LeWL WindLogger has been manufactured since 2008. We have sold thousands of these little wind data loggers all over the world and they have an excellent reputation for their stability, accuracy and endurance.

    By WindLogger based in Glasgow, UNITED KINGDOM. from Small Wind Turbine Data Loggers Product line

  • Scintec - Model SFAS Series - Flat Array Sodar

    The Scintec SFAS is a very compact acoustic profiler for the measurement of wind and turbulence up to 500 m above the ground. The operation is based on the reflection of acoustic pulses at temperature inhomogeneities in the air with subsequent doppler analysis.

    By Scintec AG based in Rottenburg, GERMANY. from Sodar Wind Profilers Product line

  • Kintech - Wind Transmitter

    The wind transmitter is designed for the acquisition of the horizontal component of the wind speed in the field of meteorology and environmental measuring technology, evaluation of location, and measurement of capacity characteristics of wind power systems. Special characters are defined and optimised, dynamic behaviour also at high turbulence ...

    By Kintech Engineering based in Zaragoza, SPAIN. from Sensors Product line

  • WindSonic - Low Cost Ultrasonic Wind Sensor

    WindSonic is a robust, low cost ultrasonic wind sensor with no moving parts. This 2-axis ultrasonic wind sensor offers maintenance-free wind speed and direction monitoring for true ‘fit and forget’ wind sensing.The Gill WindSonic is a genuine low cost alternative to conventional cup and vane or propeller wind sensors, with all of the ...

    By Gill Instruments Limited based in Lymington, UNITED KINGDOM. from Ultrasonic Anemometers & Wind Sensors Product line

  • Wind Speed Profiling

    Spinning Cup Anemometer Basics - Wind speed and direction are basic parameters typically collected at weather / meteorological data collection sites. One of the most common methods for measuring wind speed is with a wind driven spinning device called a cup anemometer. The spinning cup anemometer consists of three (typically) conical shaped cups ...

    By Logic Beach Inc based in La Mesa, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Applications Product line

  • Premium

    WindSonic - Model USWSC - Lightweight Ultrasonic Wind Sensor

    A lightweight ultrasonic wind sensor, WindSonic is of a robust, high strength construction designed to withstand installation and use with no fear of the damage commonly experienced with the more fragile cups, vanes or propellers. Windsonic does not require expensive on-site calibration or maintenance, and with a corrosion free exterior, WindSonic ...

    By RainWise Inc. based in Trenton, MAINE (USA). from Sensors: Wind Sensors Product line

  • Premium

    KONCAR - Model RWFDS - Rotor Winding Fault Detection Sensor

    RWFDS represents a new concept in rotor winding fault detection. This smart sensor enables detection of inter coil short circuits in rotor excitation winding based on the differential magnetic field measurement method (DMFM) inside the machine air gap. The DMFM method eliminates the contribution

  • Premium

    Scarlet - Model WS - Wind Smart Anemometer Wind Smart Anemometer

    Scarlet WS wind smart meter turns your smartphone into a high-tech meteorological tool. Takes accurate wind readings, at wind speeds from 0.6 – 40 m/s, with a precision of +/- 3%. The design is inspired by professional cup anemometers and suitable for professional use. Every unit has been through wind tunnel calibration to ensure precision.

    By Scarlet Tech Ltd. based in Taipei City, TAIWAN. from Wind Meter Product line

  • Premium

    Delta-T - Model AN3-03 - Hi-Res Anemometer (3m Cable)

    Suitable for fast changing wind speed measurements such as gusts. Provided with both an analogue and a digital output.

    By Delta-T Devices Ltd. based in Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM. from Meteorology and Solar - Other Sensors Product line

  • Felix - Model FT4000 - Wind Sensor (Anemometer) Used for Transmission of Electrically Measured Wind Speed

    The wind speed sensor FT4000 series are used for transmission of electrically measured wind speed. This wind sensor is designed for automatic weather stations which can be used in a wide range of locations such as airports, research vessels, and industrial sites. The availability of simultaneous outputs makes the wind sensor suitable for a wide ...

    By Felix Technology Inc. based in Concord, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Meteorological Instruments Product line

  • 200-81000 Ultrasonic Anemometer

    The 200-81000 Ultrasonic Anemometer is a three-dimensional no-moving-parts wind sensor. Two-dimensional anemometers meet the need for economy, but they ignore the important vertical wind component. The 200-81000 measure three dimensional wind velocity based on the transit time of ultrasonic acoustic signals. From speed of sound, sonic temperature ...

    By NovaLynx Corporation based in Grass Valley, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Wind Speed and Wind Direction Sensors Product line

  • 200-WS-04 WeatherPort Wind Direction Sensors

    This series of WeatherPort Wind Sensors are moderately priced quality transducers designed for general application. A combination of injection molded thermoplastic, anodized aluminum, and stainless steel parts contribute to reliable operation in adverse environments.

    By NovaLynx Corporation based in Grass Valley, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Wind Speed and Wind Direction Sensors Product line

  • Wind Farming Maps

    The maps in this section deal specifically with wind energy installations, projects and licences.. Apart from the maps listed below which deal specifically with wind farming all of our Electricity Generation and Transmission maps (incl. renewable energy) will have the wind farms on them as will the maps in Renewable Energy Installations section. ...

    By La Tene Maps based in Foxrock, IRELAND.

  • Wind Masts

    Compact and easy to assemble : The 3m maximum tube size of each mast section enables compact transportation and easy erection. Each mast is supplied complete with all fixings required, excluding ginpole and anchors. A hinged base and ginpole erection system enables winching up with minimal load.

    By Nexgen based in Gloucestershire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Wind Masts Product line

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