Wind Profiling

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  • Radio Acoustic Sounding System
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    Radio Acoustic Sounding System

    By Geonica SA

    The Doppler SODAR system PCS.2000 can be extended to a RASS system by using a CW radar transmitter and radar receiver units to derive vertical profiles of temperature and temperature gradient or height and strength of ...

  • Multi Purpose Buoys
    Showcase Product

    Multi Purpose Buoys

    By Fugro OCEANOR AS

    The SEAWATCH Wind LiDAR Buoy represents the next generation of multi-purpose buoys tailored for the renewable energy industry. The buoy accurately measures the speed and direction of wind across the diameter of wind ...

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  • Scintec AG

    Scintec AG

    Scintec develops, manufactures and markets advanced atmospheric sensors using optical, radiowave and acoustic techniques. Customers include research ...