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Wind Profiling equipment for Monitoring and Testing

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    Atmos - Model 22 - Ultrasonic Anemometer

    Measuring into stiff headwinds: When it comes to measuring wind, trade-offs have always been involved. Cup anemometers can’t measure both wind speed and wind direction (or low wind speeds, for that matter). They’re also prone to malfunction since they all contain moving parts. Meanwhile, sonic anemometers have always been too costly. ...

    By METER Group, Inc. based in Pullman, WASHINGTON (USA). from Atmos - Precipitation Product line

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    ASTIM - Model LNG - Longitudinal Traveling Sludge Scraper

    Travelling bridge is designed according to span as Full Wall, Half Wall, Steel Profile or to avoid high wind loads as Truss Beam. Carriages, which are located at both ends of the bridge, can travel on rails with or without pinion rock or on poylurethane tyred wheels with guide wheels. The drive unit can be mounted either at the end carriages or at ...

    By ASTIM A.S. based in Gebze - Kocaeli, TURKEY. from Sedimentation Product line

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    FLOWSTAR-Energy - High Resolution Air Flow Monitoring for Wind Farm Assessments

    FLOWSTAR-Energy is a practical, high resolution model that simulates air flow and turbulence over flat or complex terrain, including the effects of stratification, variable surface roughness and wind turbines in operation. FLOWSTAR-Energy is an extended version of the FLOWSTAR model of flow over complex terrain; FLOWSTAR-Energy provides the flow ...

    By Cambridge Environmental Research Consultants (CERC) based in Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM. from Wind Energy and Airflow Product line

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    Everise - Model WINDVIEW 10 - Doppler Wind LiDAR

    WINDVIEW10 Doppler Wind Profile Lidar is a portable and flexible system to replace the traditional wind cup, which can be installed on a fixed platform, or a moving vehicle or a sailing boat. It can measure wind direction and wind velocity at 40-300m height above the lidar. Its function completely equal to a 300m high anemometer tower meanwhile it ...

    By Everise Technology Ltd. based in Beijing, CHINA. from Remote Sensing LiDAR Detection Product line

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    Everise - Model WINDVIEW 12 - Doppler Wind LiDAR

    WINDVIEW12 is a state-of-art Doppler Wind Lidar for 3D measuring the atmospheric wind profiles with wind velocity/wind direction for multiple detection purposes like environmental monitoring, wind energy resource assessment, aviation windshear detection, climate-meteorology research etc. It can acquire accurate real-time wind profile in any ...

    By Everise Technology Ltd. based in Beijing, CHINA. from Remote Sensing LiDAR Detection Product line

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    Atmospheric Pollution Monitoring Vehicle

    Atmospheric Pollution Underway Monitoring Vehicle is mainly used to underway monitor atmospheric environmental quality, atmospheric aerosol (floating dust), planetary boundary layer, cloud height, spatial&temporal evolution and characteristics of multi-layer clouds structure, and to track spatial&temporal pollution factors in horizontal ...

    By Everise Technology Ltd. based in Beijing, CHINA. from Pollution Monitoring Vehicle Product line

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    High Altitude Atmospheric Lidar Monitoring Vehicle

    The high-altitude atmospheric lidar vehicle is one of the most effective means to monitor the atmospheric condition, and the spatial&temporal evolution of high-altitude aerosols. Usually this vehicle system is equipped with Aerosol Laser Lidar with 3D scanning function, Doppler Wind Profile Lidar and Raman Temperature Lidar. Combined with ...

    By Everise Technology Ltd. based in Beijing, CHINA. from Pollution Monitoring Vehicle Product line

  • Model PCS.2000 | PCS.2000-24/LP - Trailer Sodar Doppler System

    The Doppler SODAR PCS.2000 measures vertical profiles of wind and turbulence, monitors inversion layers and derives stability classes in height ranges 15 m … ≥ 1000 m. A powerful WINDOWS PC controls the sounding and processes and transfers the data. The Doppler SODAR PCS.2000 is a reliable, cost efficient tool for operational set ups and ...

    By METEK Meteorologische Messtechnik GmbH based in Elmshorn, GERMANY. from Doppler Sodar Product line

  • Floating LiDAR

    We are pleased and excited to announce the partnership with AXYS technologies to market, sell and support the innovative WindSENTINEL system. Offshore wind is an expensive business, with wind speed data crucial to the energy yield and cost of energy prediction. The traditional wind energy measurement mast is still the default method, however ...

    By Oldbaum Services Limited based in Stirling, UNITED KINGDOM. from Instrumentation Product line

  • Environdata - Model WS Series - Wind Speed Sensor

    The WS series Wind Speed Sensor uses a sensitive 3-cup anemometer to measure wind speed and wind run. Three conical shaped cups with integral mounting arm are connected to the central spindle.  Molded from a special UV stable grade of polycarbonate, the cupset is extremely strong, light, weather resistant and precision balanced.  As the ...

    By Environdata based in Warwick, AUSTRALIA. from Weather Sensors Product line

  • Shoebox - Model GLEDSB4 - Outdoor Light

    The GLEDSB4 is designed to deliver high lumen output with precise optical control. An open finned, low-profile design to minimize wind resistance, aesthetically pleasing lines, and several flexible mounting options, this is a lighting solution engineered for maximum flexibility and blends seamlessly into any site. The Shoebox light series is ...

    By Global Energy & Lighting based in Eagle, IDAHO (USA). from Outdoor Product line

  • Environdata - Model WD48 Series - Wind Direction Sensors

    The WD48 series Wind Direction Sensors are sensitive wind direction indicators that give a variable pulse rate output and a visual indication of wind direction. The vane, arm and pointer turn the main spindle, which is support by two low friction stainless steel bearings. The use of Hall effect sensing elements allows a full 0 to 359.9 degree ...

    By Environdata based in Warwick, AUSTRALIA. from Weather Sensors Product line

  • Model AQ510 - Portable Sodar Systems

    The AQ510 is the new generation of portable sodar systems. It’s developed with more than 40 years of experience, and is the first to be verified against traditionally anemometry in the manufacturing process. That gives you reliable and high data availability in any climate with just the flick of a switch.

    By AQSystem Stockholm AB based in Tyresö, SWEDEN.

  • Scintec - Model LAP3000 Series - Radar Wind Profiler

    The LAP3000 is the most successful Radar Wind Profiler ever built with more installations worldwide than any other system of its kind. It is now available in a fundamentally upgraded design keeping its features, performance, reliability and serviceability far ahead of competition.

    By Scintec AG based in Rottenburg, GERMANY. from Radar Wind Profilers Product line

  • SoDARs - Model 4000ws/we - Fully Enclosed Versions Systems

    The 4000w series SoDARs are the fully enclosed versions of the 4000 series SoDARS. These systems feature an enclosed trailer that is specifically designed with remote field use in mind. While all of ASC’s SoDARS are designed to excel in the field, the “w” versions offer added security.

  • Low Level Wind Shear Alerting System (LLWSAS)

    LLWSAS - Low Level Wind Shear Alerting System, designed in cooperation with the Laser Systems is elaborated to increase flight safety level while takeoff and landing operations via: operational remote sensing and display of information on vector direction and speed rate of air flow at given altitudes; identification of low level wind shear and ...

    By International Aeronavigation Systems (IANS) based in Moscow, RUSSIA.

  • Remtech - Model PA-XS - Acoustic Wind Profiler

    The PA-XS Sodar includes the latest hardware design. The electronics has been down sized by an extensive use of the SMC technology. The computer part uses an ARM Quad Core CPU which is plugged on a 16 bits A/D converter board. All the hardware matches military specifications (-40 to +60 °C with up to 100% relative humidity) and is fixed ...

    By Remtech Inc / Remtech S.A. based in The Villages, NEW YORK (USA).

  • Weather Stations

    Design, implementation and operation from a single source. We design, install and operate weather stations with components customised for your specific implementation. This ensures that all relevant parameters are measured and only the best suited sensor technology is used. We operate permanent monitoring networks as well as temporary individual ...

    By Meteotest based in Bern, SWITZERLAND. from Measurements Product line

  • Air Traffic Measuring System

    Wind shear is a sudden shift in wind direction and speed that disturbs air traffic. It’s a condition that has caused many serious accidents with over 500 fatalities during the past 20 years. To help prevent this, AQSystem offers solutions that are able to spot and predict when wind shear will occur.

    By AQSystem Stockholm AB based in Tyresö, SWEDEN.

  • Environmental Measuring System

    Air pollution has today become a global problem that affects every part of the environment. To help determine the extent of location-specific pollution, AQSystem can provide sodar solutions for continuous monitoring of the composition of pollutants at particular sites.

    By AQSystem Stockholm AB based in Tyresö, SWEDEN.

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