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  • Case-Study: Kakinada Smart City Environmental Monitoring

    Case-Study: Kakinada Smart City Environmental Monitoring

    Kakinada Municipal Corporation partnered with Sterlite Tech to analyze their city’s environment and create awareness among people. Oizom installed multiple Polludrones all across the city to monitor the city level pollution and spread awareness regarding environmental health among the local residents. Smart City monitoring solution was designed to monitor Gases, Noise, Dust, and weather parameter ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Micro-Elemental Analyzers

    Micro-Elemental Analyzers

    Fast and cost-effective determination of sulfur and nitrogen. Reliable analysis of sulfur and nitrogen. Maximum sample throughput. Minimum maintenance requirements, maximum safety. Minimum space requirement. Time-saving features: pre-calibrated, factory-tuned, short measurement times, 24/7 operation.