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  • Creating a measurement system analysis (MSA) procedure for spectroscopy measurements

    Without confidence in your measurement system, you simply cannot be sure that your parts meet specification. Whether gauging composition or measuring thickness, out of spec parts result in rework, extra scrap, in-field failure and potential reputational damage.Internationally recognised quality management systems (QMS) call for measurement system analysis (MSA) procedures. This means you ...


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  • Binder for XRF Tablet 0.33g

    Binder for XRF Tablet 0.33g

    For the preparation of pressed pellets for XRF, in most cases, a binder is required. One of the traditional materials used as a binder or backing material is boric acid. However, recently this will be classified by REACH as toxic. Based on this health issue, boric acid is now not considered an appropriate material for this application.