01dB: DUO, New concept and noise measuring product


Source: ACOEM

01dB-Metravib releases DUO, a new concept for noise measurement and a new associated product. DUO is an innovating metrological range called “Smart Noise Monitor”. This generation of instruments results from the merging of classical sound level meter solutions and noise monitoring solutions. Gifted with unrivalled technological innovations, functions and performances, the “Smart Noise Monitor” DUO offers original perspectives in the filed of environmental noise measurements. Its “all in one” design, along with its assets in terms of synchronisation and coding, makes the acoustician’s tasks much easier.

DUO, the “time saving and serenity” solution

In the field, the selection of the measurement points and the deployment of the equipment are extremely easy. The instrument calibration is immediate, further to the implementation of the standard noise source on the microphones. Data acquisition and storage can be started simply, either from the screen of the DUO instruments or from the remote interface, dBDUO. A wireless Wi-Fi solution that communicates with its built-in 3G modem, DUO can be used to monitor the measurement remotely and in real time, for all instruments deployed and all over the world.

The information can be retrieved without the presence of the operator being required on the measurement site. Result analysis is optimised with innovating automated coding post-processing tools.

With class-1 metrological reliability, DUO benefits from a built-in automatic control system for periodic check of the operating of the measurement chain. Its ergonomics, anti-theft accessories and visual discretion in the landscape allow securing the instrument on an unattended site.

A unique product on the market, DUO offers essential time savings for worry-free acoustic operations.

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