01dB: DUO Smart Noise Monitor, is now type approved in France, by LNE


Source: ACOEM

DUO, Smart Noise Monitor (01dB-Metravib), metrological reliability for your noise measurement

Limonest, October 3rd 2011 -- LNE, French laboratory for accreditation (Laboratoire National d’Essais) has certified DUO is a class 1 sound level meter according to IEC 61672-1. Certificate # LNE-21674 issued on 21st July authenticates the compliance of DUO with Standard IEC 61672, Class 1. DUO is also under tests at PTB (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt) for type approval. Most of the tests have already been passed. More news to come later this year.

Acoustic tests carried out by the French National Metrological and Testing Laboratory (LNE) confirm DUO fulfils class 1 according to IEC 61672 for the two measurement configurations: reference direction 0° (with or without noise cone) and 90° (noise cone required)

This achievement is a result of studies performed during the development of DUO, with the collaboration of our partner G.R.A.S. Sound & Vibration. In particular, specific attention was paid to the reference direction of 90° in order to comply with the tolerances allowed for the response curves and, above all, for directivity, as set in the standard.

Benefit for the user: whatever the measurement conditions are (ground transportation noise, aircraft noise, recreational activities, noise in industries, …) DUO will always perform the measurements with the optimum operating configuration.

More information on DUO, Sound level meter: www.duo-01db.com

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