01dB: First successful results for DUO


Source: ACOEM

DUO, the Smart Noise Monitor for environmental noise measurement

April 2011 -- Released at the end of 2010, DUO Smart Noise Monitor already demonstrated its performances on the field and worldwide (France, Italy, Switzerland, UK, Belgium, Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, Germany...).

Let’s review the key features of DUO, a new generation of sound level meters in action:

Flexibility makes DUO Smart Noise Monitor attractive and versatile!

Offering “hand-held” or “stand-alone” (short, medium or long-term) measurement capabilities, DUO is suitable for all requirements of environmental noise measurements:

  • Traffic and infrastructure: highways, sea ports, airports, railways
  • Construction sites: new buildings and roads
  • Industrial noise from factories, power stations, wind power turbines…
  • Recreational activity including concerts and festivals, bars and pubs…

Metrological reliability is another key feature

Placed vertically and configured for a propagation direction oriented 90° from its axis DUO perfectly meets the requirements of the IEC 61672 standard for Class-1 sound level meters relative to noise incidence from a horizontal direction.

Moreover DUO integrates a self-checking procedure to test the instrument’s operating during unattended measurements. This built-in electrical check allows testing the entire measurement chain, including the microphone (based on CIC principle).

Accurate time synchronization and GPS localization of multiple DUO instruments further increase the processing capabilities (time difference method).

Inherent operating security, an outstanding feature of DUO in the field

Both robust and discreet, DUO all-weather design makes it well suited to indoor and outdoor noise monitoring. An antitheft device is supplied on demand to offer more security. If required, the embedded GPS positioning system also allows for easy localisation of the DUO Smart Noise Monitor.

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