01dB: How to estimate your noise exposure and your vibration exposure...


Source: ACOEM

March 2011 -- The risk assessment caused by noise and vibration allows the identification of exposed workers and a good knowledge of sound and vibration situations to define an adapted action plan.

Many workers are exposed daily to occupational noise and vibration. Extended exposure of individuals to intense noise levels generates hearing loss and important deafness troubles. Regarding vibration levels, it can generate vascular and neurological disorders and repetitive stain injury to upper limbs (hand-arm vibration) or back pain and degenerative spinal injury (whole-body vibration).

In order to monitor the health of individuals exposed as part of their professional activity, 01dB-Metravib has designed the Occupational Health & Safety Suitcase. It contains sound (Wed007) and vibration (Vib008) dosimeters / exposure meters, which are required to quantify workers’ exposure levels to noise and vibration.

Wed007 and Vib008 are fully compliant with the requirements of European Directives 2003/10/CE (noise) and 2002/44/CE (vibration).

Complementary and simple to use, Wed007 and Vib008 can be controlled by the operator using a Pocket PC-type wireless remote control. Measurement configurations (noise, hand-arm and whole-body vibration), acquisition start and data collection are fully non-disruptive operations for the workers.

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