1.4 million reasons to improve the environment in North America



The Council of the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) has established a new grant program, the 'North American Partnership for Environmental Community Action' (NAPECA), to support communities in their efforts to address environmental problems locally.

The NAPECA program has 1.4 million dollars that will support a broad range of projects from hands-on groups and organizations in Canada, the United States and Mexico.

Grant selection criteria have been established to ensure that these projects achieve measurable objectives and deliver clear and tangible results. These criteria, along with information regarding the application process, are described in the Call for Proposals, available online.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by! Answer this call so that together we can support healthy communities and ecosystems, encourage activities that address climate change through the transition to a low-carbon economy, and advance innovative projects that could assist in greening the economies of the three countries.

Preliminary proposals are due by 5:00 p.m. (Eastern Time) on 22 August 2011. The selected projects and the first round of grants will be announced later this year.

Further details on project submissions, key dates in this process and selection criteria are available at the CEC website. The application form can be filled out on line.

The Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) was established by Canada, Mexico and the United States to implement the North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation, the environmental side accord to the North American Free Trade Agreement.

The CEC supports cooperation among the NAFTA partners to address environmental issues of continental concern, including the environmental challenges and opportunities presented by continent-wide free trade. More at http://www.cec.org/

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