1-800-Recycling.com Identifies “Green Leaders”


LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- 1-800-Recycling.com, an interactive website dedicated to enhancing and democratizing the consumer recycling experience while making practical suggestions about green living, has compiled a list of influential and inspirational “Green Leaders” drawing attention to some of the world’s foremost trailblazers in the world of environmental responsibility.

An informative who’s who of people who either by themselves or with their organizations have made a difference protecting our earth and its natural resources, the list, housed at http://1800recycling.com/green-leaders/ is currently about 200 names strong – and growing. It contains a diverse and eclectic mix of green thought leaders, ranging from former Vice President Al Gore to spokespeople from Yahoo! and the NBA.

Each esteemed member of the list contains a live link to a short bio of the individual explaining his or her role as a green influencer.

“1-800-Recycling.com was designed to help people achieve their recycling goals and live greener lifestyles,” said John S. Shegerian, Chairman and CEO of Electronic Recyclers International (ERI), the nation’s leading recycler of electronics and e-waste, and parent company of 1-800-Recycling.com. “This particular element of the list is an exciting who’s who of individuals and organizations that we admire for the various leadership actions they’ve taken on behalf of sustainability or protecting our planet in general. It’s a great list and we can all learn something from everyone on it.”

Shegerian described the list as a dynamic entity and added that new Green leaders are being identified by the staff of 1-800-Recycling all the time, and added to the veritable green hall of leadership fame.

1-800-Recycling.com also features an archive of original news articles about green practices for businesses or individuals, recycling, tips, educational information and interviews. Content is updated daily, and for those reading the articles who become inspired, 1-800-Recycling.com provides its visitors everywhere in the United States with a dedicated tool to find recycling locations nearest to them (every zip code in the country is covered) for whatever it is they wish to recycle.

Consumers can also opt to call 1-800-Recycling via telephone for a 24/7 phone-line resource. Both the site and the phone service will be able to direct users to responsible recyclers of electronics, tires, oil, paint, glass, plastic, household hazardous waste, wood, mattresses, carpet, junk – basically everything that can be recycled.

For more information on recycling needs, visit www.electronicrecyclers.com, http://1800recycling.com or www.urbanmining.org.

Now the largest recycler of electronic waste in the US, and the world’s first dual-certified electronic waste recycler, Fresno-headquartered Electronic Recyclers International is licensed to de-manufacture and recycle televisions, computer monitors, computers and other types of electronic equipment.ERI serves public sector clients via GSA contract GS-10F-0051Y and processes more than 120 million pounds of electronic waste annually at eight locations in seven states, including California, Washington, Colorado, Indiana, Massachusetts, Texas and North Carolina.For more information about e-waste recycling and ERI, call 1-800-884-8466 or visit http://www.electronicrecyclers.com.



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