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£10,000 in landfill tax saved through Aberdeen’s food recycling scheme


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Food recycling efforts in Aberdeen have kept 162 tonnes of waste out of landfill, saving £1,000 in landfill tax a month.

Last summer £800,000 of Scottish Government cash was initially spent by Aberdeen City Council to install food waste recycling bins across 54,000 city homes.

Effort have certainly paid off with the equivalent of 43 fully-loaded lorries of potato peelings, leftovers and used tea bags being kept out of landfill sites.

An Aberdeen City Council spokesman said:

“Under the Waste (Scotland) Regulations 2012, Aberdeen City Council, like all local authorities, has a statutory duty to provide a food waste collection service to all residents by 2016.

“We are well on the way to achieving that by proactively introducing new and convenient services for households.

“We are very encouraged by the amount of food waste collected so far through this new service, which is not even a third of the way through a roll out.

“In less than a year this scheme has helped us divert 162 tonnes of food waste from landfill, achieving a saving in landfill tax of almost £10,000.”

Figures released by the city council revealed that residents in Aberdeen flats and tenements produced 0.42kg of food waste per household per week from May to December 2013.

The little green bins and new pavement caddies for food waste recycling are rapidly increasing on North-east streets.

Aberdeen City Council recycling co-ordinator Martina Klubal said:

“It is quite a positive return on a service that is still very new to the city.”

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