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Human Vibration Monitors from Shawcity Limited


Hand/arm vibration Can cause whitefinger and damage to the nerves in fingers and to muscles, bones and joints


Whole-body vibration Can cause low-back disorders, disc hernias and accelerated degeneration of the spine people at risk may drive construction, agricultural, forestry or mining vehicles drivers of diggers, buses trucks and trains may be affected


The HAVmeter


Ensuring that employees using vibration tools are protected from the dangers to hand arm vibration (HAV)



The HAVmeter is a small, durable device, carried throughout the working shift. It has been designed with no buttons or switches to minimise employee input and ensure ruggedness.

The size of a pager, the HAVmeter magnetically attaches to hand held power tools and displays vibration exposure in line with the HSE's points system and alerts the employee on reaching legal limits.

ARTICLE - 'Managing Vibration Couldnt be easier'


The HAVPro


HAVPro Hand/Arm and Whole-Body Human Vibration monitors



The compact, lightweight HAVPro can be worn by mobile workers as they use equipment
One cable connects a 3-channel triaxial sensor for hand/arm vibration


Tri-Axial vibration measurement

Hand/Arm and Whole Body Vibration measurement

User-designed Setups

Do you comply with the new European Vibration Directive?

Evaluate tool vibrations whilst workers are exposed to hazardous conditions including 'white finger' and low-back problems


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