100,000 Companies Supply or Specify Flow and Treatment Products and Services


Source: The McIlvaine Company

More than 100,000 companies supply or specify products and services to control the flow or treat air, gas, water and liquids. Twenty thousand of these companies are identified along with contacts in the McIlvaine OEM Networking Directory. (www.mcilvainecompany.com)

These companies are generating revenues of more than $300 billion. However, no one company dominates the market. The top thirty companies account for only 15 percent of global sales.

The directory includes contacts at the architect/engineer and consulting companies. Companies such as Black & Veatch and URS have historically been more influential in the U.S. market than in other countries. With aggressive expansion of services, their influence is becoming more widespread. Nevertheless, in many countries the design decisions are made by large engineering/construction companies such as Doosan who purchase the products as part of turn-key systems which they provide.

Doosan Market Segments

(The revenues are in $ billions and show the total market for 2013 (not the Doosan share)

Doosan recently purchased assets of AEE Lentjes GMBH and increased its air pollution control scope. It is the largest supplier of desalination plants in the world. It is a major supplier of boilers and related systems for the power industry.

The purchaser is challenged by two complexities:

1. Many companies have specialized subsidiaries who supply one of the products but not others.

2. Translation of company and subsidiary names between picture and letter based languages is inexact.

To address the first problem, McIlvaine has provided lists of products sold by each subsidiary.

This is shown at:

View and Correct Your Product Listings

(This example only shows products but not the full display with contact names and e-mails.)

To address the language inconsistencies, McIlvaine has assigned a financial entity number to each company and the typical spelling in both English and Chinese.

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