100 CEOs bring their climate change vision to G8 leaders



Under the auspices of the WBCSD and World Economic Forum, more than 100 CEOs of major companies worldwide have developed climate policy recommendations for the G8 summit being held in Japan this week.

The document, prepared at the invitation of the G8’s Gleneagles Dialogue on Climate Change, Clean Energy and Sustainable Development, outlines a new, more 'environmentally effective and economically efficient' long-term policy framework to succeed the Kyoto Accord.

In their recommendations, the CEOs urge adoption of a rapid and fundamental strategy by governments to bring about a low-carbon world economy. They call on the G8 and other developed country governments to provide leadership through deep absolute cuts in their greenhouse gas emissions, as well as direct work with the international business community to develop a pragmatic strategy of cost-effective, medium-term carbon abatement opportunities.

'Climate change is a serious challenge for international society, including the business community. While some uncertainties remain, by applying a risk management perspective in view of the available information, we conclude that a reasonable approach is for all leaders of government and business to take action now,' says a full-page ad taken out by the signatory companies in today’s Financial Times. 'We offer the G8 leaders a new, public-private vision of how to proceed on the future policy framework that would involve the private sector and other stakeholders more closely in its design and implementation.'

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