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100 days after landfill prohibition


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One hundred days after the prohibition of dumping untreated waste in landfills, the German Federation of Waste Treatment Industries (BDE) has filed a positive report. “The TASi directive on household waste is a starting point for the waste industry,” said Stephan Harmening at a press conference in Berlin. “The complete prohibition of dumping untreated household waste in landfills is a significant step forward in ecological terms.” According to a quick survey by the BDE, 40% of companies suffer from bottlenecks in the path towards the incinerator, while 36% currently believe that there is insufficient capacity. Where long-term capacity from 2006 onwards is concerned, however, the situation looks very different. Barely 20% of members of the BDE expect bottlenecks next year, 42% think there will not be many, and 36% that there will be adequate capacity; 3% even believe that there will be over-capacity in 2006. Nevertheless, prices are expected to continue to rise, especially for industrial waste. Whereas previously a tonne of waste could be dumped for 20 to 30 €, according to this survey most waste treatment companies (64.7%) foresee incineration prices of 100 to 150 € per tonne. The BDE survey also found that 48% of companies say they now sort their waste more rigorously either to use their thermal energy or for recycling. 20% of them use waste as supplementary fuel in industrial plants, 12% store it temporarily, and 13% export it. Info:

Originally published in Umwelt Magazin, Germany

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