£100m funding for climate change research

Announcing that DFID will increase its research funding on climate change to £100 million over the next five years, Secretary of State for International Development, Douglas Alexander, said today that climate change, and our response to it, 'will define international development for years to come'.  Speaking to the Foreign Policy Centre, he described the challenge as an issue of global social justice, saying, “if we fail to tackle climate change, global poverty will increase - development will go into reverse”. He added that development - “a new kind of low carbon development”  - is the only credible response to climate change:

“We must not allow the climate change debate to neglect - or even prevent - the right of developing countries to grow...Prosperity and economic progress are the best protection for vulnerable communities. Countries with well educated people, with good infrastructure and with the wealth to cope with climatic shocks, will fare best.”

In his first major speech on climate change, the Secretary of State explained that the ten-fold increase in funding will be spent on researching the impacts of global warming on the poorest and most vulnerable people, and on helping their communities, governments and the private sector to take action to prepare for these impacts.

He also announced that DFID will work with interested parties to establish a ‘climate change centre’. The centre will form a network of expertise across the world deploying the best climate change researchers, practitioners and institutions to help developing countries understand and respond to the physical, social and economic impacts of climate change.

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