10th ICMGP conference


Source: Lumex Instruments Group

The 10th International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant (ICMGP) will be held in Halifax (Canada, Nova Scotia) from July 24-29th.

The conference is the main international forum for the discussion of the problems related to negative impact of mercury on ecosystems, environment and humans.

Traditionally for many years Lumex participates in the ICMGP conferences, and at the conference in Halifax our leading experts will present our advances and applications of RA-915M mercury analyzers and RA-915AM monitors:

  • Pitirimov P., Sholupov S., RyzhovV., Pogarev S. New approach to continuous determination of mercury in industrial water using Zeeman Atomic Absorption Spectrometry.
  • Pogarev S., Ryzhov V., Sholupov S., Pitirimov P., Mashyanov N., Senichenkov V. Specific features of the pyrolysis technique using the Zeeman AAS for mercury determination in various matrices.
  • Ryzhov V., Sholupov S., Pogarev S., Mashyanov N. Zeeman AA monitors for mercury determination in ambient air and gases without absorption traps.
  • Shcherbakov V., Pitirimov P., Mashyanov N. Mercury surveys in oil-and-gas bearing shelf of the Kara Sea.
  • Sholupov S., Pogarev S., Ryzhov V. Mercury determination in gaseous media using Zeeman atomic absorption spectrometry (matrix effects).
  • Continuous automobile Hg air surveys for atmospheric environmental monitoring in different World scenarios. Higueras, P.; Esbrí, JM.; Oyarzun, R.; Mashyanov, N.; Oyarzún, J.; Contreras, F.; Gosar, M.; Millán, R.; García, ME.; Špirić, Z.; Panichev, N.; López-Berdonces, MA.; Dragas, M.; Llanos, W.; Maturana, H.; Adams, M.; Ryzov, V.; McCrindle, R.

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