14th annual Environmental Finance market rankings


Source: GreenStream Network Plc

Voting in Environmental Finance's annual market rankings has started. The publication is soliciting votes for the best brokers, trading companies, banks, law firms, consultants and project developers in the carbon, renewable energy, weather and catastrophe risk markets.
Every year from 2004 to 2012 GreenStream Network Plc has been voted the “Best Broker - Renewable Energy Certificates Europe”.  This year the rankings have been expanded to cover the emerging carbon markets in China where GreenStream is constantly growing and has succeeded making remarkable energy efficiency deals this year.
We want to thank all our customers for your continuous support and confidence in us. If you have been happy with our services, you can express it by voting us in the following categories:
Best advisory/consultancy
Best broker
Best advisory

The results will be included in the Winter print issue of Environmental Finance, which will be published in early December.

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