15,000 OEMs and Specifiers For Environmental Contamination Control And Energy Systems


Source: The McIlvaine Company

Suppliers of pumps, valves, materials, instruments, controls, and various services are often selling to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).  The critical buying decisions may be made early in the project by the architect/engineer (A/E) or other specifier.

Over 15,000 companies around-the-world have been identified as either significant OEM purchasers or A/E specifiers for environmental, contamination control and energy systems.  These companies along with the contact information for 50,000 decision makers are listed in the continually updated online OEM Networking Directory , published by the McIlvaine Company www.mcilvainecompany.com.

The size and importance of individual OEMs and A/Es varies greatly depending on the industry served.  There are only a few large coal-fired boiler plant designers.  On the other hand, there are large numbers of companies supplying biomass fired plants.

Only 50 scrubber companies serve the power industry, where as thousands of scrubber companies pursue the smaller applications.

Large numbers of companies supply liquid filtration systems and clarifiers, although only a small number of companies make centrifuges.

Many companies around-the-world build modular cleanrooms, but a relatively small number of companies design the large semiconductor and life science cleanrooms.

The water and wastewater treatment equipment market is populated by many thousands of local suppliers.  On the other hand there are a few multibillion dollar international companies with significant market shares.

In general the numbers are smallest at the raw materials stage and largest at the final system supply stage.  So in dust collection there are only a few hundred suppliers of the fibers and resins used by the industry.  There are many more suppliers of roll goods. There are even larger numbers of bag suppliers.  At the end of the chain the system suppliers are the most numerous.

The decision-making process relative to a new component or service is often complex and includes several individuals at both the OEM and A/E companies.  Furthermore, the right contact may not be the one first identified.  Often purchasing people are not the best contacts to introduce new ideas.

The OEM Networking Directory provides contacts with key decision makers at various different levels and with various different orientations.

For more information on the OEM Networking Directory , click on:  http://www.mcilvainecompany.com/other.html

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