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15% Discount - Reduce Emissions, Reduce Fuel, Reduce Costs


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Dr. George Molteni, JD-PhD, and CEO for The Energy Group ™ announces great news about The Greens: Energy – Environment and Money.  They are offering a 15% discount,  a 1 year money back performance guarantee and a minimum 10 yr warranty  to everyone on any one of their models, until Dec 1, 2007 to benefit from their product that have always produced results when done by its instructions.  This is why you should buy their  product: it comes with NO negative side effects, not like the alternatives, easily installed, precision quality made, never needs maintenance, NOT magnets and comes standard with peace of mind:


 26% savings in 4 months, 74% less GHG -  Kean University/NJ,

 330% averaged ROI, 25+% Fuel savings, Payback in 89 days, 75% less GHG -  documented for the US Department of HUD/New Jersey,

 15.5% fuel savings in 14 weeks, 85% less GHG – Wash. DC Hospital Complex,

 96% reduction in NOx emissions, 18% Fuel savings -  Duke Energy,

 21% fuel savings by Habitat for Humanity (diesel truck-Romania),

 6.6% Increased boiler effcy, 27% Fuel savings - East Chicago School System plus “0” NOx for their bio-diesel school bus installation

  Marine vessels 14% to 35%

  Vehicles 10% - 30% fuel savings


The prestigious   Alliance to Save Energy published their paper on this technology (Sept/2006) and was nominated twice for their prestigious Star of Energy Efficiency “Andromeda Award”. The Fossil Fuel Stabilizer is a technology that is available NOW…not years away.  It is CARB aftermarket verified by Executive Order D-612.

The Stabilizer addresses the problems before combustion, rather than after it has been created.

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