15 November 2012: `Consumer Kids` Conference in Berlin


Source: Worldwatch Institute

Worldwatch Institute Europe will be hosting a Conference in Berlin on 15 November 2012 to present its forthcoming report From Consumer Kids to Sustainable Childhood. The overall framework of the report targets children in Europe in their pre-teen years and examines how unsustainable lifestyles are passed on from one generation to the next. It provides a picture of the modern western European lifestyle that children are born into and how it affects their health and well-being.

Focus will be on a number of issues showing the absurdity of today’s unsustainable lifestyles - family life, urbanism, consumer goods, marketing and education - while discussing the potential for a transformation into more sustainable lifestyles. The analysis should form the background for policy recommendations as we aim to show the gaps between the present unsustainable lifestyles and the initiatives available to change them.

The conference is free of charge and includes speakers and workshops on the issues discussed. Details about the venue, registration and speakers will soon follow.

The conference is co-hosted by our partners Ecologic Institute and Germanwatch and is supported by the Velux Foundation.

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