15 Years of DAS Environmental Expert GmbH in Taiwan


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Today DAS Environmental Expert GmbH headquartered in Dresden, Germany, is celebrating the 15th anniversary of its Taiwan branch. In 1997 the waste management specialists installed their first system in Taiwan at United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC).

DAS Environmental Expert GmbH, founded 1991 in Dresden, Germany, is one of the world's leading technology and system providers for Point-of-Use process waste gas abatement solutions. World leading companies in the semiconductor and electronics industries along with those in the photovoltaic sector rely on DAS systems to provide cost efficient abatement of highly contaminated process waste gases.

'Even when founding DAS it was clear to us that Asia's semiconductor manufacturers, companies located in Taiwan, Japan and South Korea specifically, would become very important customers. For this reason we placed special focus on these companies from the very beginning. We intended to learn about their waste gas abatement needs so that we would be able to offer optimised solutions', says Dr. Horst Reichardt, CEO and President of DAS Environmental Expert GmbH.

SPIROX, an industry expert, accompanied and supported the German environmental company's first steps into the Taiwanese market. The company provides best practices, solutions and services for global high-tech industries. Even today, Dr. Reichardt maintains close friendships with the former SPIROX management and staff, he feels great appreciation and gratitude for their work.

The partnership also led Alex Shen to the DAS. 'I saw the DAS branch in Taiwan growing from the very beginning', says Shen, current DAS general manager who came originally from SPIROX. Demand for DAS systems in Taiwan grew to a point that encouraged the German company to expand its presence into Hsinchu in 2009. Alex Shen became the Director of DAS' Asia Ltd. Taiwan Branch. 'Our clients are successful and we share this success with them, it makes you feel good. I am very proud to have been here from the very beginning', says Shen.

The DAS Taiwan Branch is located in Hsinchu and has several local service teams, who provide service and maintenance to client systems. Currently the German company employs 70 people in Taiwan.

Today UMC, Winbond and several other important semiconductor manufacturers rely on environmental technology from Germany. Since 2007, DAS Environmental Expert GmbH's client base also includes the Taiwanese Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), which is the world's largest independent foundry. In 2010 DAS Taiwan installed 1,000 systems in Taiwan; the company aims to increase the number to 2,000 systems sold by 2015.

'We continuously developing our technology, since our clients' requirements for modern abatement technologies are constantly growing as well', emphasizes Dr. Horst Reichardt. 'We have caught on to market trends early on and have broadened our business base step-by-step by offering new products and technologies.'

The company, for instance, has modernized its successful ESCAPE technology, which laid the foundation for DAS' success in 1991. The specialty of the ESCAPE technology is the combination of two cleaning processes that typically cannot be combined within the limited space of a single small reactor: burning and scrubbing. The combination of these two processes enables the highly efficient abatement of most process waste gases while maintaining highest safety standards and offering a significant economic advantage.

For customers who would like to avoid the use of fuel gas, DAS recently has introduced the waste gas abatement system SPRUCE, suitable for all CVD processes. In this system, waste gas abatement happens without igniting any flame. Due to its small footprint the system can be either installed in the fab's basement or in the immediate vicinity of the CVD equipment.

While in the past DAS focused mainly on the abatement needs of the semiconductor industry, DAS Environmental Expert GmbH has recently expanded its activities into neighboring sectors. With new products such as STYRAX, LARCH and JUNIPER, for instance, DAS reacts to the needs of the solar industry, the area of flat panel manufacturing and the manufacturing of innovative LCD/OLED technology products.

In addition, the company considers the future market for water to offer significant growth potential. 'Clean water is and will remain an important topic in the future', says Reichardt. With the TFR Bioreactor, DAS offers a reliable technology for the efficient treatment of wastewaters. The robust system is capable of functioning under challenging environmental conditions such as am warm tropical climate, while its modular structure enables easy modification to fit various needs and budgets. The company, moreover, is investing in additional wastewater treatment technologies, expanding its competencies step-by-step, to become a versatile solution provider for wastewater treatment systems beyond the high-tech industry.

Due to its anniversary, DAS is supporting the Green Manufacturing Forum of SEMI Taiwan on March 27, 2012 in Hsinchu. 'DAS joined SEMI's Green Manufacturing Committee in 2010 and has already contributed a great deal to the concept', says Terry Tsao, President of SEMI China. 'When we were planning this Forum they decided right away to support it. We are very happy to cooperate with DAS as they do not only live the ideals of the green manufacturing concept, but they are also capable to deliver the technologies required. So we congratulate DAS for their 15th anniversary and we are looking forward to a prosperous cooperation in the future. '

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