17 existing climate solutions could cut global emissions by 25%


Source: Ecofys

A new report uncovers 17 climate solutions already in use that, if scaled, could deliver reductions equivalent to a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions today. The Sitra report “Green to Scale” that is based on analysis by Ecofys, took 17 successful low-carbon solutions from 36 countries, and asked what would happen if these were scaled up internationally, using realistic projections through 2030.

The report reveals that the world already has the capacity to bring emissions down to levels that could limit and ultimately prevent climate change. The illustrated low-carbon solutions have been successfully implemented in both developed and developing countries, and not only reduce emissions but also contribute to sustainable development, economic growth and poverty reduction.

Scaling up or replicating proven solutions in other countries is feasible and could lead to substantial global emission reductions of up to 12 gigatonnes. Moreover, the analysis shows that many of these solutions are cost-effective.

Sitra and its partners will brief government officials on the results of the report at locations around the world in the coming months, starting with Washington, DC tomorrow.

Find more information in Sitra’s press release
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