18 Inches. Now That’s a Big One!


Source: Master Magnets Ltd

Master Magnets Ltd recently custom designed, manufactured and delivered one of the largest Permanent Overband Magnets ever supplied in the UK. The large Permanent Overband Magnet was supplied to the well established metal recycler Lowmac Alloys.


Lowmac Alloys Limited was founded in 1974, they now operate a large site at Irvine in Scotland, incorporating ferrous and non-ferrous recycling, green waste processing, wood recycling, general waste recycling and the re-use of all types of soils and rubble. They had been presented with the task of supplying a skip waste and commercial trade waste processing plant for another location in Scotland.


Lowmac Alloys already acquired two standard size overband magnets from other magnet manufacturer’s in the market, but they were struggling to find a reliable manufacturer who could custom design a large Overband magnet to operate at an 18 inch working gap, across a 2 metre wide conveyor to handle Skip Waste and Commercial Trade Waste.


To solve their problem, in September Lowmac Alloys decided to visit the RWM 06 (Recycling and Waste Management) Exhibition in Birmingham UK, where there are an extensive range of companies who can provide waste management solutions. Lowmac found the Master Magnets Ltd stand at the exhibition and explained that they required a special custom designed Overband magnet to handle Skip Waste and Commercial Trade Waste.


Master Magnets are well known for having over 200 years of accumulated knowledge and expertise in the design, manufacture and installation of magnetic separation equipment. Master Magnets used their knowledge and expertise to provide Lowmac with a solution to their problem. Following the exhibition Master Magnets sales engineers provided Lowmac with a quotation, recommending the model 16 PCB 13, which is the largest Permanent overband magnet in the Master Magnets range weighing approximately 5 tonnes.


Lowmac were very impressed with the quotation presented to them, as Master Magnets demonstrated full understanding of the application and provided a solution for a very reasonable price, suggesting that Lowmac should acquire a Permanent Overband Magnet instead of an Electro Overband Magnet which is a quarter of the price. This resulted in Master Magnets getting the order.


The Overband magnet is now undergoing performance tests in the Skip Waste and Commercial Trade Waste processing plant. When fully operational it will be capable of processing 200 Tonnes/day, and it should pay for itself within 12 months.


Master Magnets can now offer a wider range of solutions to benefit the recycling sector, including shredders, screens, metal detectors, can flatteners, conveyors and complete turn key plants complementing our existing range of magnetic and non ferrous separation equipment. Master Magnets recently designed and manufactured a new low cost version of the Eddy Current Separator, which is designed specifically for sorting Aluminum and Steel cans. We expect this new product to be a great success in the recycling industry.


If you have any similar requirements and you need a solution, please contact Master Magnets representatives.


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