1st TECH Patent Awarded The Third Prize in Zibo City


Source: Mibo International Corp.

Mibo International Corp.'s patent product has awarded the third prize in Zibo City, Shandong Province, China. In order to implement the reform and upgrading the technology and economic development under the direction of the Third Plenary Session of 18th CPC Central Committee, a patent competition was held in Zibo City to promote the implementation of intellectual property to encourage enterprises and organizations on inventions. Through a long procedure of rigorous qualification examination and review, our 1st TECH Biodegradable Descaler patent has award the third prize in the final competition.

1st TECH Biodegradable Descaler is a full-synthetic, compatible and safe, high-effective, environmental friendly cleaner, was developed independently by the parent company of Mibo International Corp, which is Zibo 1st Line Composites Technologies Co,. Ltd. through a long-term practice on facilities and equipment management. The product is well developed and meet the requirements and demand of equipment maintenance.

This patent prize is a recognized of Zibo 1st Line Company's contribution in the industry of equipment and facilities management, is also a recognized of many industrial enterprises are actively adopt the effective technology to improve equipment management level and achieve cost control & energy saving.

Zibo 1st Line Composites Technologies Co,. Ltd. and Mibo International Corp. will continuously moving forward to provide solutions to industrial enterprises, and make contribution to optimize and upgrade the industrial equipment and facilities management.

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