2007 an all-time record year for GEOVARIANCES


Source: Geovariances

2007 is, in many respects, an outstanding year for GEOVARIANCES. Indeed, with a turnover reaching a total achievement of more than 3M€, GEOVARIANCES has increased its result by 42% in comparison with the year 2006. Regarding ISATIS license sales, they represent a raise of 70%!

Those incredible figures are not only the result of the growth of the markets but also the outcome of the reinforcement of GEOVARIANCES team, which allowed it to strengthen its position as the leader on the geostatistics market.

Our success also illustrates perfectly our major concern, that is to say, our clients’ satisfaction.
In fact, last year, more than 95% of our software maintenance contracts have been renewed.

GEOVARIANCES’ desire to reinforce its position as a leader is also evident through the growth of the management team reinforcement. In April, we had the pleasure to welcome Jean-Paul Roux, our new Sales & Marketing Manager. Moreover, Nicolas Jeannée, senior consultant for the Environmental activity, has been promoted to our Consulting & Training Department Manager.

Development perspectives are still encouraging in 2008. On the environmental side, we are still developing agreements with partners to promote our leading technology:
- with CEA for the characterization of radiological contamination and decommissioning of nuclear facilities,
- with Club Ademe International for the characterization of contaminated soils and volume quantification.

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